10 Best NEW PC Games To Play In April 2022

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our monthly gaming article. Here’s where we look at the most promising new PC Games in April 2022 releases. April appears to be one of the slower months of the year. For the most part, we still have games to talk about, but when it comes to bigger titles. There’s not a lot going on for the most part. We’re looking at some smaller-scale indie games. We’ve got some early access releases, and we’ve got some games coming out of early access. I still think there’s plenty to be excited about here. But we’re not getting a large quantity of blockbusters.

I’m excited to share with you all today a number of really fascinating facts. Smaller titles that are arriving on PC this month. 10 Best New PC Games to Play in April 2022

1-Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (April 5th)

On April 5th Tuesday 2022, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will be released. There are playable versions of all nine Star Wars mainline films (nine!?). When did that happen. The Skywalker Saga will allow you to ride plastic TaunTauns and wield little lightsabers to your heart’s content. The game’s core elements. Which have mostly remained unchanged since 2005, have been completely overhauled this time around, with combat receiving the most attention. Close quarters brawls are more dynamic thanks to a combo system, while blaster clashes now feel like they do in a regular third-person shooter in PC Games April 2022.

2- Forgive Me Father (April 7th)

Forgive Me Father’s gameplay is designed around everyone’s favourite 90s retro genre. The Boomer Shooter. Forgive Me Father has 12 levels available right now. Which is a good quantity for Early Access. Each level might span anything from 10 minutes to several hours. The level design alternates between being quite good to being quite bad and disappointing. The adversaries are fantastic. And they have different attacks depending on how much damage they take. While the opponents have only a few frames of motion, they are superb at what they do and give off a distinct Doom vibe.

3- Chinatown Detective Agency (April 7th)

The Chinatown Detective Agency will open its doors on April 7th. It’s up to you, as private investigator Amira Darma, to solve a series of high-profile mysteries. While travelling the globe in pursuit of solutions. Surprisingly, clues aren’t confined to items found in the game. Indeed, the Chinatown Detective Agency is said to have assigned you the responsibility of conducting your own research. Including browsing the internet for things like airport codes and real-world quotes. Detective games have always grappled with how to make the player feel like a true detective. With the best it allows you to piece together solutions organically rather than in a planned manner.In PC Games of April 2022 list.


Back 4 Blood a Left 4 Dead lookalike created by the same company that created Left 4 Dead. It is fantastic arguably our greatest co-op game of 2021. And there’s more on the way: According to developer Turtle Rock Studios, the first expansion, Tunnels of Terror, will be released on April 12th.

While this hasn’t been verified, Turtle Rock has been providing updates on the second Tuesday of each month.Of course. This is subject to change. And we will update this section if any of the above specifics change in the days or weeks ahead.


Three biologists will embark on a collaborative mission to explore the uninhabited organisms of Sephonia Island using their cutting-edge ONYX implants in the near future. However, they were wrecked by a severe storm as they approached the island.

Amy Lim, a Taiwanese American and fearless leader is from Bloomington in Indiana, in the United States.Ryo Hayashi is a Japanese-Taiwanese academic with an analytical mindset who hails from Tokyo. 

An historic power burning in the depths of the island’s abyss has the ability to endanger their new bond. As well as the entire globe. As they travel the Sephonia Caves. The trio’s goals and loyalties will be tested. As they face not only physical hardships but also their darkest memories.


The Iron Oath is a turn-based tactics RPG with a touch of fantasy paint. That will be available in early access on April 19th. Your decisions on and off the battlefield will determine the fate of your band of adventurers. As the captain of a mercenary group. Your recruits will age as you explore an ever-changing overworld over the course of decades. Eventually retiring or dying. Although you’ll spend the majority of your time in turn-based isometric battles battling adversaries. You’ll also be in charge of your guild’s finances and establishing political relationships with other factions. The game’s full release is anticipated for nearly a year after this early access launch. With approximately 15 hours of content to play.establish

7- Terraformers (April 21st)

Terraformers is a simulation game about colonising Mars and making it habitable for humans. You start by mining the planet’s giant shining crystals underground. Then move your population to the surface. There, you can start doing mundane things like smashing asteroids into the ground to create lakes that will help establish a breathable atmosphere so humans may safely remove their helmets before driving to their nearest Space McDonald’s. The game’s free prologue has received mostly excellent reviews. With praise for Terraformers’ unique card-based gameplay and polished aesthetics. This one has a great appearance to it.

8- The Serpent Rogue (April 26st)

The Serpent Rogue is an ancient fantasy-themed action-adventure role-playing game. Explore hidden areas, tame strange monsters. And save the realm from imminent doom by mastering the art of alchemy. To confront an alarming threat. You will manufacture, brew, boil, and concoct potions in your place.

Mount Morbus has become home to the terrifying Serpent Rogue. Its horror is expanding rapidly and threatens to engulf the entire realm. As the Warden, it is your responsibility to confront the Serpent Rogue. And restore peace and tranquilly to the land. Explore every inch of the map, uncover hidden tunnels, and broaden your horizons in order to fend off the impending tragedy.

8-Turbo Overkill (April 22nd)

The cyborg protagonist of Turbo Overkill uses his chainsaw leg to turn his shotgun into a sawn-off variation in the promo. Is there anything else I can tell you. Did you happen to miss the part about the chainsaw leg? Right So, here’s the deal: the protagonist’s name is Johnny Turbo, and he’s on a mission to free the cyberpunk metropolis of Paradise from a renegade AI named Syn.

9-King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (April 26nd)

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a turn-based tactics game in the vein of XCOM. That puts a gloomy spin on the legend of King Arthur. Arthur is an immortal monarch hell-bent on reducing Britain into a twisted hellscape in Knight’s Tale.

since it was fully funded on Kickstarter. The Knight’s Tale has remained in early access for a while, receiving a slew of great reviews in the meantime. If you’ve ever seen Disney’s, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is definitely the game for you. The Sword In The Stone and thought to yourself, “I’ve had enough of this man.”

10-The Cycle: Frontier (April TBC)

The Cycle: Frontier is a suspenseful and dangerous free-to-play PvPvE first-person shooter. Search for minerals and other wealth on an abandoned alien world. It has been wrecked by a catastrophic storm, is home to monsters, and is frequently invaded by other ambitious PC Games April 2022 adventurers.

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