12 Best Games Like Fortnite To Play in 2022

Fortnite was hardly a revolutionary idea when it was developed, but there weren’t many games like fortnite that were breaking new ground in the battle royale genre. When Fortnite launched and began pushing a battle royale mode, it contributed to the development of a subgenre that is now a mainstay of the gaming industry.

The battle royale gaming genre now has a large number of successful titles. By including more surviving components and crafting, some people have taken the idea and made it more engaging. Even if they appear to be just another battle royale on paper, some games have modified the battle royale paradigm and differentiated themselves.

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Apex Legends

The Titanfall 2 Respawn devs are responsible for this new addition. However, since you play as one of ten Legends, each with their own unique power in Apex Legends, don’t expect to be flying enormous mechs or doing any wall-running.

 These characters are as unique as they come in Games Like Fortnite, with one having the ability to order an artillery strike and another having the ability to dispatch a drone to heal teammates. Imagine Overwatch mixed with battle royale. There is always someone watching your back because you play in groups of three, but you are not required to keep together if you don’t want to. The good news is that if only you and the team members are left, you will all prevail and no grisly betrayal or fight to the death is required.

Realm Royale

Realm Royale began as Paladins: Battlegrounds, a game mode in Paladins that gained enough traction to warrant its own title from developer Hi-Rez Studios. Realm Royale features certain distinctions from Fortnite while maintaining a cartoon aesthetic. This is primarily Fortnite sans buildings and without the polished Epic Games touch, with the exception of a few turrets.

One of the most significant variations in Real Royale? When knocked down, you don’t just crawl around like in Fortnite. Rather, you transform into a chicken. Then, if you don’t get away from a danger long enough to get back, they’ll kill you forever. Although you can still attack humans as a chicken, it is not advised because chickens are rather simple to find and kill.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

You still play Warzone even if you don’t possess Call of Duty Modern Warfare because it is a 150-player battle royale that is based on that game’s multiplayer but has some extra oddities. You can purchase killstreaks, play a quick 1v1 cage battle to respawn, and even receive your multiplayer loadout by airdrop. Even better, Warzone supports full crossplay so you can play with your friends regardless of the platform they use.


It’s tough to avoid bringing up PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds while discussing video games like Fortnite. What for? Because before Epic made the switch from its Save the World game mode to the battle royale genre, it was technically the battle royale game. This isn’t a debate over who does things better because both have their advantages. It turns out that they are also sufficiently distinct for you to love them equally for various reasons.

Less childish and colorful graphics are used, which frequently encourages more blending into the background and sniping. PUBG’s maps are often bigger than Fortnite’s, which tends to make the game go a little longer. This encourages greater exploration and looting, which can lead to stressful firefights in confined spaces if you run up on someone’s hiding place.

For those who find Fortnite a bit overwhelming, PUBG is the battle royale game to play. Although it moves more slowly and is less bright, neither of these things detract from the overall experience.

Naraka: Bladepoint

With a Game Pass membership, Bladepoint is a videogame that is available for free on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Multiple weapons are used by players in the game and based on the user’s preferences or the weapon’s durability, they can be dumped and replaced. You can leap athletically, use a grappling hook to climb and conceal yourself, and scale barriers.

Since winning a battle depends on the timing of a player’s sword strokes, the game is incredibly simple to learn yet difficult to master. You’ll be left wanting more because of the characters, powers, and exciting fighting system.

Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is fantastic because it combines a bit of the silly nature of Fortnite with the severity and FPS level of PUBG.

 Does anybody want a real cat in a carry bag with bubble windows? All of us, yes. It’s a combat royale game that will have you escaping the ash storm on your BMX across Europe or in a skimobile on Dione, and it has a seriously excellent character creation engine. I mean, I could adjust those knobs all day. You ought to share our obsession.

Escape from Tarkov

Although there are two teams in Escape from Tarkov Games Like Fortnite. It’s easy to feel like you’re playing alone. The gameplay and squad chemistry in this game are serious, moving away from the silliness of many other battle royale games. When you raid, you’re attempting to switch sides, and when you’re being raided, you’re attempting to kill your adversaries before they kill you. It is more difficult than it appears because the adversary will quickly take you down if you run from side to side, killing everybody who gets in your way.

The players of Escape from Tarkov are systematic and competitive. You only have one life in a raid, and losing your gear is upsetting because you worked hard to build up your personal hoard across several raids. Even if it doesn’t sound like Fortnite, you’ll feel like you’re in a battle royale when you first start out scavenging for useful weaponry.

Halo Infinite

If Halo wasn’t the first game with a free-for-all mode, it is credited with introducing many players to first-person shooters. Halo Infinite’s free-for-all mode comes quite close to a battle royale mode, though there has been no announcement on that yet.

A battle royale with a smaller map and fewer players to kill is what the free-for-all mode is. If you enjoy Halo or believe that Battle Royales drag on and lack action, you should try the free-for-all mode in Halo Infinite.

Population One

If you can’t get enough of battle royales, you will like the virtual reality game Population: One. Its visuals are cartoonish but not as opulent or fashionable as Fortnite’s. Another VR game that performs battle royales as well as this will be hard to find.

The objective of the game is to land in a city, pick up weapons, and kill all of your opponents until you are the last one standing. In order to have a better view of the surroundings, players can also climb structures. On the HUD, you can see all the details regarding your health, shield, weapon ammo, and your current situation. Playing a battle royale in VR is a whole new experience that immerses you in the action, even though it might not look or feel quite as polished as Fortnite.


I am aware that you all believe Overwatch has no place in this discussion. But it does, and this is why. Compared to the other battle royale games on our list, Overwatch is unique. Instead, it’s a shooter, but due to its speed, we chose to include it on our list.

Players are encouraged to take part in novel gameplay genres because of the intensely competitive Overwatch ecosystem. Choosing a team to compete on the battlefield requires consideration of communication and strategy. For individuals who enjoy discussing and planning strategies with their colleagues, Overwatch is a terrific game.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys gives you control over an organism that, according to its official lore, is an abomination of science. And then releases a large number of those human beans into absurd arenas where there can only be one victor and a great number of losers.The Games Like Fortnite is back in the public eye now that significant improvements have been released and its new owner, Epic Games, has made it completely free to play. You face off against a few dozen other players in a battle royale as you attempt to get past each round of a game show.

The Fortnite influences have led to a fun battle royale that frequently extends into its own metaverse of content, allowing you to dress your avatar up in threads themed to Tron, Godzilla, and so much more. However, it seems more like a squid game than anything else.

Fall Guys is done a phenomenal job of forging its own way since it began last year, and with dozens of games you may play during any run, it’s a wonderful cacophony of crazy action and activities. Play Fall Guys on iOS, PC, and consoles.

Sea of Thieves

If Sea of Thieves lacks a true battle royale option, fans of Fortnite may find its general gameplay to be appealing. This action-adventure game has entertaining graphics.

Since the game is set in a shared world, you and your buddies may encounter other players and choose to engage them in combat or include them in your own quest. Additionally, there is a battle pass available here that Rare adopted around a year and a half ago.

List Of Most Games Similar To Fortnite in 2022

  • Roblox
  • Minecraft
  • Fall Guys
  • Free Fire
  • Friday Night Funkin’
  • Apex Legends
  • Valorant
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • 1v1.LOL

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