13 Best Games Like Terraria for Android & iOS (2023)

Are you a fan of games like Terraria and hunting for them? Look nowhere else! Here is a list of the top 13 Android and iOS games that are like Terraria. A sandbox experience is provide by these games. Which feature open worlds, crafting systems, and limitless potential. These games are sure to capture your imagination, whether you like to construct, dig, or mine. So let’s explore the pixelated worlds and embark on brand-new adventures!

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Portal Knights

Portal Knights is a multiplayer sandbox game that combines survival and adventure features. In this game, an event destroys a world that was once tranquil and affluent and replaces it with monsters. Use magical portals to travel to various islands, get special resources, and carry out quests. You can choose from the three character classes in the game—Warrior, Magician, and Ranger—according to your preferred playing style. Together, you may take on bosses and construct castles, adding to the fun of the cooperative mode.


A multiplayer sandbox game with countless creative opportunities is Growtopia. You can create your own environment, complete with dwellings, dungeons, and entire towns, just like in Terraria. You can completely customize your settings and interactions with other players thanks to the game’s numerous customization capabilities. Growtopia provides a dynamic and captivating gaming experience with its active community and weekly tasks.

The Blockheads

Explore huge landscapes, create tools, and harvest resources in The Blockheads‘ block universe. Similar gameplay mechanics and 2D graphics may be found in this game, which is games like Terraria. Although it is advised to start with just one, The Blockheads allows you to control numerous characters in the same setting. The exploration aspect of the game is further enhanced by the inclusion of a weather system, caves, and random world generation.


BLOCK STORY is the ideal game for you if you enjoy both Minecraft and Terraria. In this game, building and crafting mechanics are combined with role-playing aspects. In an unending gaming environment, you can mine resources, produce new things, and erect your own structures.

The emphasis on quests and combat in BLOCK STORY makes it unique. You’ll fight distinct foes and utilize a variety of weapons to vanquish them. BLOCK STORY provides a difficult gaming experience with its over 80 different sorts of foes, each of which requires a different approach.


You can create a planet using your ideas in the supernatural game WorldBox. You may construct landscapes, create civilizations, and generate life, just as in Terraria. Play around with various components, such as flora and wildlife, a variety of terrain, and the weather. Observe how your creations interact, from bustling cities to titanic conflicts between fantastical species. Every player’s creative spirit is sparked by the seamless and immersive experience that WorldBox provides.

The Escapists: Prison Escape

The Escapists: prison Escape will catch your interest if you like the prison setting of Terraria. You have complete freedom in this sandbox game’s prison setting. Escape from the harshest, most heavily patrolled jails in the world is your main objective. Plan your ultimate escape while adhering to the prison’s rules, concealing prohibited things, and earning the esteem of the wardens. You may experience the rush of freedom by playing The Escapists, which delivers a difficult and engaging gaming experience.

Junk Jack

Junk Jack provides a distinctive gaming experience. A 2D sandbox game with pixel visuals, discover 12 unique and varied planets, each with its own resources and population. Terraform, construct, and develop on every planet, conceiving individual endeavors and group adventures. Junk Jack will keep you entertained for hours with its abundance of crafts, diverse quests, and randomly generated map.


Crashlands is an adventure game that blends exploration, crafting, and survival. You must construct a factory and navigate your way back to your home planet after being robbed of essential ship parts there. A simpler survival simulator with a focus on creation and crafting is available in Crashlands. By gathering materials, creating products, and upgrading your tools, you can advance through the game’s several levels, from simple tools to space technology. You’ll enjoy this game’s replayability and addiction for hours.

On My Own

The goal of the retro-style adventure game On My Own is to help you survive in a forested area. You must provide for your character’s fundamental requirements, including food, shelter, and energy. Explore the pixelated wilderness, gather materials, and set traps. On My Own provides a realistic and engrossing gameplay experience with its survival simulator aspects.

The Way Home: Pixel Roguelike

A fun and difficult game set in a pixelated universe goes by the name The Way Home: Pixel Roguelike. Navigate through dynamically generated levels while avoiding opponents and other obstacles in an effort to get home. Enjoy the random elements of the game while collecting weapons and equipment, each with a special ability. The gameplay is made charming by the minimalist art style. Which also creates a nostalgic and interesting mood.

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These games offer a similar sandbox experience to Terraria, letting players explore enormous areas and let their imaginations run wild. Whatever your interests, there is a game on this list that will capture your attention, whether you like to build, mine, or survive. These video games provide hours of fun because to their pixel art aesthetics, varied gameplay mechanisms, and limitless potential.


These games are a must-try if you enjoy Terraria and are looking for more adventures. There is a game for every gamer, from cooperative sandboxes to vintage survival simulators. So gather your resources, create your goods, and set off on thrilling adventures in these top 13 Terraria alternatives on Android and iOS.

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