16 Top Games Like Summertime Saga for Android, iOS, and PC

Games similar to Summertime Saga: There are some games that you play for excitement and others that entrap you right away. You wouldn’t fret playing those games again and again. Such is the case with the Summertime Saga. One of the most lifelike dating sims you’ll ever play; difficult to get over. If you love playing Summertime Saga as much as we do, you’re in for a thrill.

Warning: Adult games Content

Most of you would surely agree that Summertime Saga is one of the most seductive and realistic dating games available. The Summertime Saga not only has very obvious attractions, but it also has captivating narratives to encounter.

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My Cute Roommate 

A graphical adventure geared toward adults for Android. We’ll play the position of the teenager who just completed high school and relocated to the city to attend university, who serves as this app’s main character.

His cousin, who he hasn’t seen in a while and who, from what he remembers, isn’t particularly graceful, will have to share an apartment with him in the city. But as soon as he opens the door, everything is different.

The fantasy of the attractive cousin is the main motivation for making this game for your own amusement. My Cute Roommate is similar to many of them because it utilizes the same graphic engine as other games in its genre.

Ladykiller in a Bind

You’re in for a treat if you’re an advocate for and supporter of LGBTQ individuals. The Summertime Saga is a wonderful lesbian replacement for Ladykiller in a Bind. Although it can seem like a lesbian dating app, it is much more than that. The compelling premise and storyline of this Summertime Saga substitute are its strongest features.

It’s difficult to become bored playing the game because everything, even the conversation, is so realistically made. This game, like Summertime Saga, features many endings that depend entirely on your choices.

Harem Party Game

The greatest spot for you to be is at the Harem Party if role-playing is your thing. This game has a unique spot among all the games that are comparable to SummertimeSaga. Moruji Haru, who plays your part passionately, is a video game enthusiast.

Your character begins the plot of this Summertime Saga substitute by playing video games on a computer. But suddenly, a cast of characters starts to appear in this space. Before you know it, a sizable party is going on in your place, and all of a sudden the settings of the game start to shift. If you want to move forward, you will need to communicate with every member.

The Harem Party was founded on the principle that nothing is off-limits. You’ll find yourself making decisions based on the characters’ persuasion that you would never have considered before. I would advise you to give this Summertime Saga-like game a shot.

Sisterly lust

Do not be misled by the game’s silly name; it is nothing like what it sounds like. Sisterly lust, which is comparable to Summertime Saga, has a compelling plot line. The game is extremely popular among ladies due to its exciting turns and surprises. The game has a sorrowful plot, despite its title.

Your father loses a custody dispute in court at the start of the game, dividing you from your mother and sisters. He starts behaving badly toward you because he feels like a burden and a failure. Later, your mother rescues you and drives you home. But you quickly discover that during the past few years, your sisters have significantly increased.

You then experience a feeling of worthlessness as a result of this. Would you let this emotion control how you lived the rest of your life? What will you do after that? The choices you make today will determine how things turn out.

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter

Assuming you’re searching for awesome games like Summertime Saga for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, Snow Days: The Music of Winter should be your best option. Despite the fact that the story is completely unique, this simply adds to the many motivations behind why this game is amazing! In light of your personality’s horrendous life and harsh family, the game is done. You’re going to take off from your home when it begins to snow.

You get stuck in light of the fact that it is almost hard to take off from the house because of the weighty snowfall. Thus, you are basically caught between a gathering of people you loathe with no choice but to get away. There are various substitute results that exclusively rely upon the choices you select. How far you would go to take off from that dreadful house is an intriguing issue to consider. Like in Summertime Saga, you get the choice of numerous endings in this game.

Coming Out on Top

Coming Out on Top as the winner is a game you shouldn’t miss in the event that you’re searching for SummertimeSaga-style games. This was without a doubt the Summertime Saga substitute you’ve been looking for, whether it was the male support or their POVs.

The whole account is far more profound than just zeroing in on manliness. You’ll see the way the game aides you through the various life pathways that Mark Matthews, the person you control, should travel. This summertime adventure-motivated game is exactly what you want to check out assuming you were feeling the loss of the male perspective prior.

Life in Woodchester

One of the most popular dating simulation games for virtual comics is Life in Woodchester, developed by Dirty Sock Games. In this stunningly gorgeous game, the young protagonist aims to mend ties with those around him and resolve domestic disputes.

The game’s current focus is on the home of the spoiled older roommate Tara, the innocent younger roommate, Lily, and the loving landlord Janice. Naturally, you are free to give each character any name you like in order to make your interactions with them more unique.

The degree of value surpasses Summertime Saga in rich components like personal development and camera panning. There are a few options for energized CGs and fake discourse. The game is of a decent type, but notwithstanding, it is still in its beginning phases and requires extra material.

The designers offer first-class little games like Poker and BlackJack as well as attention to detail and energy in this game, which is fueled by its own motor and made with Game Maker Studio 2.

Amber’s Magic Shop

Every Summertime Saga fan is sure to enjoy Amber’s Magic Shop. There is nothing more obvious. Despite the fact that there are many games like SummertimeSaga, it may be It is challenging to pick the best one. However, Amber’s Magic Shop is undoubtedly the greatest substitute for Summertime Saga.

As Amber leads you through into the game, you enter her ghostly world. Prior to starting her voyage, Alchemist Amber, an elf, completes her mage training in Isilia. Amber is comparable to the others because she is an elf alchemist. Contrary to what it might sound like, it’s anything but dull.

Golden is drawn in both to people, which is one of her fascinating characteristics. For every individual who is delighted in the Summertime Saga, you should attempt this game. You’ll need to keep playing this game endlessly because of the enamoring plots!

Monster Prom

The video game adaptation of the graphic novel Monster Prom was released in 2018. There are six various monsters available for a date. Each monster travels across a map within a map to raise stats that affect how their partner views them.

Over the course of three weeks, you must convince your significant other to go to prom with you by taking on one of the four pre-determined personas. In contrast to games like SummertimeSaga, Monster Prom is a video game that can be played in multiplayer mode!

Lab Rats

This game, which is more of an incentive-based game than Summertime Saga, has an intriguing path to the climax. The majority of this fantastic game takes place in a chemical production facility.

You assume the persona of a man who operates a chemical facility and creates chemical solutions as required. But near the finish, you might expect a small surprise! Every time you correctly address a chemical issue, a coworker and you get to spend the night together.

Therefore, if you want to get along with your coworker employee, you will need to create chemical cures and make them exactly correct. The incentive drive makes you motivated and driven to do tasks in order to achieve your goals.

Momoiro Closet

Momoiro Closet is a visual novel or game with a slice-of-life romance plot that uses text messaging to interact between players and an AI chatbot. You can affect the course of the plot by choosing different speaking options. By developing friendships and falling in love over time, you can come to know the characters better.

The Momoiro Closet offers a number of quick responses to various situations if you’re not good at sending text messages. Several people also spoke about their experiences in the group. You can gain more knowledge about what is significant by reading the tweets rather than just viewing them.

Crusoe Had It Easy

Regardless of what anybody’s thoughts are, it is irrefutable that no organizations habitually gather the most consideration. However, people who are sincerely committed to them always put love first. When compared to other games like Summertime Saga, Crusoe Had It Easy genuinely progresses forward with such a relationship.

You and just your cousin Sophie are abandoned on an island without anyone else. Everything that follows solely depends on the choices and decisions you ultimately make. Will you ultimately succumb to temptations, or will you be able to restrain your desires and adhere to the family’s rules?

Man of the House

The game, which can be downloaded, is based on a made-up private institution. A well-known singer who seeks vengeance for years of injustice is the game’s primary character. Based on the player’s interests, traits, and personality, different characters are presented.

An app called Man of the House was developed with wheelchair users in mind. It was developed with the goal of promoting inclusivity by the North London-based company Pixel Toad.

Everyone could see what the client needed. Be that as it may, they were uncertain about how to continue. The Pixel Toad team was prepared for the challenge of creating a mobile application, despite never having done so before.

My Candy Love

If you’re searching for an episode-based dating sim, My Candy Love is a great Summertime Saga substitute. You can choose from three different tale settings in this game that combines three otome games: Sweet Amoris High School, Anteros Academy University, or Love Life if you prefer a love story centered around your work.

There are currently more than 60 episodes available for play in total. Additionally, new ones are uploaded each month, giving you access to fresh information. You can design your character in this game, buy clothes with in-game gemstones, gather pictures of your crush, participate in events, and live your best life with your crush.

However, it won’t be simple in that frame of mind to get your crush to notice and like you. Fill the Love Meter, a proportion of their degree of fascination with you, to do this. To top that meter off and accompany the individual of your fantasies, get to know their character as well as their preferences.

Waifu Academy

When it comes to strategy and design, Waifu Academy is among the best online games comparable to Summertime Saga.

The main character of Waifu Academy strives to finish high school while attempting to unravel the mystery behind his father’s death, which is another plot connection. There is, however, a tonne more.

About 30 characters make up this game, the majority of whom study at Sazaki Academy. The majority of the game’s scenes are also mostly set there. The 3D graphics of Waifu Academy are amazing, as the story progressively reveals horrifying secrets about the protagonist’s closest friends.

You’ll be questioning everything you do in this game. When I first played Waifu Academy, it was more engaging than Summertime Saga.


Video games like Summertime Saga are classified as visual novels, and Melody is the most stunning visual fiction yet.

The best graphics and photos are used in this first-person video game, which heightens the suspense in this dating sim. When you’re alone in a room for the music sessions, your objective is to make contact with the charming Melody. The choices you make in various circumstances will determine how successful you are at this.

Players get to experience what it’s like for a session musician to quit their career and start again. Along the way, players have the opportunity to instruct Melody. If the coaching goes well, the athletes’ cards might even have a date on them.

You play a musician who left his job and moved to a different town across the nation. And that brand-new chapter starts when you cross paths with a woman at the grocery store who hires you to teach music to her niece Melody.

  • What Video Games Compare Best to SummertimeSaga?
  • Ladykiller In A Bind
  •  Sibling Lust
  • Harem Party Game
  • What other Android games compare best to SummertimeSaga?
  •  Options
  •  Possibly 
  • Romance Club 

What iOS Games Are the Best for SummertimeSaga?

  • The top iOS substitutes for Summertime Saga include:
  •  An endless summer
  •  Texting Love Story
  • My Candy Love
  • Love Island
  •  Seconds.

Like Summertime Saga, some of the top computer/Windows games include:

  • Memoria Closet
  • Halloween Prom
  • A nasty girl turned good

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