6 Best Silent Hill Games That You Need To Play (2022)

Silent Hill actually figured out how to catch a pith that left nineties gamers unnerved by their own shadows in the category of Best Silent Hill Games. With a background marked by getting misshaped universes with contorted stories, Silent Hill has been leaving terrible engravings on fans for north of twenty years at this point. Furthermore, you know, we’re still frequently reluctant to shut down the lights in the wake of booting up one of the many stunning sections of the series.

In this way, this workmanship idea has kind of become one of the many staples in the series that can never be repeated by rivals. Furthermore, with the addition of a couple of supernatural beasts hiding between the shadows of each and every excursion, Silent Hill never appears to flop in gathering strain with a novel way to deal with frightfulness in gaming. However, albeit each passage in Silent Hill feels extraordinary in itself, there most certainly is by all accounts, a couple of champion titles among the many.

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Silent Hill is one of the most ghastly game establishments ever, and picking the best Silent Hill games is no mean accomplishment!

Silent Hill: Downpour

The eight and last game in the main Silent Hill series, Silent Hill: Downpour, is issued in 2012. It had an extremely deep tale and was based on exploration and survival in a depraved society, just like all Silent Hill games.

With more open-world-like features than earlier games in the genre, “Downpour” is played from behind the player’s shoulders in the third person.

The Playstation VR headset could only be used to play this one game in true 3D. Although the game’s gameplay wasn’t always great, it did include the usual terrifying components and a fantastic plot.

It’s still regarded as one of the greatest Silent Hill games ever made.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Nothing is more miserable than living alone in a cramped apartment with nightmares and chains in Best Silent Hill Games. It’s one thing to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, but nothing compares to the craziness of Silent Hill 4: The Room. That’s when things start to get bad and involve a lot of nasty behavior throughout the entire world.

The Room aims to immerse the player in a gloomy world filled with bizarre animals and unsettling scenery. However, leaving the room is never a viable choice. However, it is almost unavoidable that the craziness will grow.

Throughout the span of a few days, players are compelled to step further into the dark opening that spreads through the grimy walls of the condo. Silent Hill opens up with only a charming feeling of fear resting over your shoulders and an obscure questline close by, and the opacity takes force while focusing on no advance notice.

All in all, is it conceivable to break the chains of the had home—or would you say you are passed on to flounder in the hopelessness of dimness forever? Just The Room will direct you to that one.

Silent Hill: Origins

A Ps2 port of the 2007 PSP Portable survival horror game Silent Hill: Origins was also made available. In Origins, Travis Grady, a truck driver, pursues information about a girl he saved from a fire. He unlocks his suppressed childhood memories along the journey.

The Origins of Silent Hill (6 Hours)

Origins is pretty much delivers on everything we’ve come to expect from a Silent Hill game: a third-person exploration in a spooky location, puzzle challenges while dodging nightmare-inducing animals, and unsettling narration.

Everyone appreciated Silent Hill: Origins for acknowledging the classic franchise’s characteristics while also introducing contemporary advancements. In particular, considering that the horror was portable.

It doesn’t really matter to me what anybody scrutinizes at this game! Since its the prequel of the main unique! Tell an origin story of a specific hero regardless of whether it exhibits it. How respectable it is I just let it out was likewise surprising at that point. Lisa and hauf man how they are at quiet slope including the clarification of the religions capable of SH3 Very before long anticipating occasions toward the start and, surprisingly. The end makes it repeatable of the new game+ here. Still magnificent and works of art rocks here so extend regard of this game.

P.T. 2014

We have barely moved past the abandoned Silent Hills project six years later. Of course, we’ll never really know what transpired between the developer and publisher behind closed doors.

There is no denying that Silent Hills would have been a market leader. The brief playable teaser was able to capture the interest of millions of people thanks to its gloomy mansion backdrop and an unsettling cast of characters.

However, Konami pulled the plug before it could even start. Even now, six years later, we’re still irritated by it.

Despite its ancient history, Silent Hills is as yet not referenced in the awful local area today. Fans are still a lot playing with reviving the cracked game, and Hideo Kojima hasn’t quit getting fan mail over the task since it was pulled. Yet, maybe it’s best that we leave the possibility of truly seeing a full delivery. Obviously, talks might continue but nothing is firmly established as of now.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories

The 1999 video game Silent Hill was recreated as Shattered Memories with a few plot, location, and production tweaks.

The second game in the series, Shattered Memories, excelled in areas where the first one fell short. This Wii release put more emphasis on player development and aimed to make decisions and actions crucial to the course of the plot.

But Shattered Memories plays more like a survival game than a straight-up horror game. In a strict sense, that’s also not a terrible thing.

Shattered Memories is much of the time view as the dark horse in the series. Yet many fans are as yet sure that the Wii hit is as yet the most incredible in the Silent Hill library.
Notwithstanding, everything relies upon your own inclinations. All things considered — not every person enjoys an aggressive redo. In any case, with this reconsidered version, it nearly feels like a totally different bundle. Besides, who’s to say the Wii can’t deliver quality frightfulness games?

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3 appeared on the PS2 in 2003 and continues with the story Harry Mason started in the main game. It follows his embraced little girl. Heather, finds that she is a significant pawn in the plans of Silent Hill’s terrible religion.

Like the two games that came before it, Silent Hill 3 is a very upsetting, frequently altogether astonishing game. That utilizes different components to create an environment of fear and secret. Heather should address every possible kind of strange and horrifying riddle to progress. Consistently tormented by the awfulness that encompasses her. This may all seem as though it’s good enough, so for what reason does it top the rundown?

Out of all of the Silent Hill passages, it seems like the one that we could connect with, in actuality. Heather has no clue about what’s happening, her life is self-destructing around her. And it’s absolutely impossible to sort out every one of the privileged insights she winds up managing.

Furthermore, we as a whole know how troublesome it tends to be to manage being a young person. Past that, it acquainted us with a few really terrible foes, story ideas, and refrigerator frightfulness that we’re actually contemplating today. Truly. In the event that you haven’t encountered this passage, you will find an opportunity to do that at this point. You will love it.

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