8 Top Most Popular Games Like Hades To Play 2022

The widest range of all the top games like Hades available right now is provided below. If you enjoy playing Hades and would like to try something similar, Here are several titles that fans of roguelikes will enjoy because Hades has become the industry favorite.

While the player regularly self-destructs in Hades. They also seek to acquire boosts, rewards, and weapons that make subsequent runs a tiny bit simpler, The roguelike genre is defined by this mechanic and the use of procedurally generated adversaries and rooms. Although Hades has surely risen as the new face of the genre,Gamers should not overlook a number of outstanding independent roguelikes.

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We’ll highlight the top Hades clones on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch in this list of the finest 2022 games, Since Hades has been sweeping the globe for more than two years, a lot of gamers are seeking out experiences that are comparable.


Pyre features a stunning aesthetic and a fantastic soundtrack that will completelyy engross you and make it an experience not to be missedd, Pyre has a few elements that some fans might not enjoy, including how much reading there is—it relies heavily on it—and the fact that one of its sports-like elements is a mystical form of rugby, Nevertheless, it’s a game you ought to play at least once, if not for the plot or the graphics, then at least for the satisfying and touching gameplay.

Dead Cells

Fans of Hades should give Dead Cells a try if they’re seeking an independent roguelike with a fighting system comparable to Hades. Dead Cells, frequently referred to as a “roguevania,” blends the randomly generated levels and permadeath features of roguelikes with the action-platforming components of Metroidvania titles.
Players control a group of cells that can take over a prisoner’s body in this 2018 game as they attempt to escape a dungeon. Dead Cells heavily emphasizes combat techniques like evasion and pattern recognition, much games like Hades.


One of the first side-scrolling platformers to incorporate roguelike aspects was Spelunky, A cave spelunker that the player controls explores dynamically created caves while hunting for wealth, fending off foes, and protecting damsels. Despite not being as challenging as some other roguelikes, Spelunky nevertheless has frequent fatalities, no checkpoints, and a focus on the discovery of mechanics.

Fans of Hades will probably love the sequel to Spelunky a little bit more because it includes narrative and character backstories. Spelunky is an excellent game. But Spelunky sets itself apart from Hades with its emphasis on platformer mechanics. Avoiding traps is a big part of the game, and the combat is extremely simple to emphasize the platforming elements.

Risk of Rain 2

After changing from a 2D platformer in the original to a completely 3D third-person shooter, Risk of Rain 2 is an independent roguelike that has gained a lot of popularity.

The series’ fast-paced combat and roguelike gameplay, in which you try to survive as long as you can in dangerous locales, are both maintained in the sequel. The game rewards you for slaying legions of alien enemies by giving you better equipment to enhance your character’s skills and a variety of unlocked characters.

Dandy Ace

Dandy Ace is a very vibrant, quick-paced game that will keep you pressing buttons continuously as you move throughout the environment in which you are imprisoned. Dandy Ace is a game like Hades in that it’s a survival roguelike with an amazing story, which you may discover more about as you explore the world and battle the frequently difficult foes.

One of those games that just works is this one. Like Hades, it doesn’t take itself too seriously but still manages to be a game that many will never forget and frequently return to.


Anyone who launches Dreamscaper will first get stunned by the idea of how stunning this game actually is, When coupled with stunning graphics, intriguing items, and masterful battles, it was published around the same time as Hades and elevated the hack and slash genre to a new level.

Dreamscaper takes place in the main protagonists’ subconscious minds, exploring their dreams and nightmares, as opposed to being set in the depths of hell, All of this makes the game a must-play for every roguelike enthusiast.

Children of Morta

The greatest option for Hade’s lovers searching for a more narrative-focused roguelike game is Children of Morta. Players must assist a full family of heroes known as the Bergson’s in overcoming a supernatural entity known as the Corruption. The family must travel through procedurally generated dungeons, taking down enemies and bosses along the way, as players advance through the game and unlock new family members with unique playstyles.

Children of Morta’s beautiful and fascinating game is one of its most interesting parts, Players not only get to see the conversation and narrative changes at the conclusion of their runs but there are also procedural narrative events that can provide different playthroughs with varied narratives. Each member of the Bergson family has a unique tale, which helps to reinforce the overall narrative arc.

Binding of Isaac

Binding of Isaac is arguably the most important independent roguelike, Players control and steer the PC Isaac as he battles his way through a monster-infested basement after hearing his mother’s plan to sacrifice him, The game is based on the biblical account of Isaac, Players gather treasures and power-ups to combat foes and bosses in randomly generated dungeons that were influenced by the first Legend of Zelda game.

The roguelike element of Binding of Isaac promoted repeated playthroughs and gave players the chance to gradually get better over time, If Isaac died, players had to start over in a newly-generated dungeon, Given that the series went on to sell more than 5 million copies and revive interest in the genre.


None of them are ideal. Although it is excellent enough to receive such a high rating, there are occasional elements of the game that prevent enjoyment of games like Hades, The procedural generation itself is the first and most obvious problem.


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