9 Best Post-Apocalyptic Games Like Fallout In The World

Fallout Like Games is renowned for its gripping post-apocalyptic gameplay set in a retro-futuristic open world. If you’ve exhausted the Fallout catalog and want more of that exploration and survival experience, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best games like Fallout that satisfy your craving for post-nuke adventures.

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Metro Series

Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light immerse you in a hauntingly atmospheric underground world. In games Like Fallout, you’ll face hostile human factions and mutated creatures as you scavenge an expansive underground metro system. Atmospheric first-person shooting and innovative stealth mechanics make Metro a must-play for Fallout fans.


Set in an irradiated Chornobyl exclusion zone, STALKER is renowned for its gripping immersion. Explore a sprawling world teeming with mutants, anomalies, and warring factions. Craft weapons, barter, and survive as you uncover the mysteries of the Zone. With mod support, STALKER offers endless replayability, similar to Fallout.

Mad Max

Channel your inner Road Warrior as you explore and customize your legendary interceptor vehicle in this open-world thriller. Like Fallout, you’ll engage in melee combat, shooting, vehicle combat, and mining/crafting. Upgrade your car, stronghold, and gear to survive in hostile wastelands. A cinematic narrative and gritty post-apocalyptic atmosphere make this a solid Fallout alternative.

Days Gone

Ride your motorbike from one scenic vantage to another as you explore the gorgeous open world of a zombie-plagued Pacific Northwest. Scavenge for supplies, take down hordes of freaks, and encounter memorable characters. Engrossing survival mechanics and an emotional story make this a must-play for Fallout fans in search of another absorbing open world.

Rage 2

With its colorful over-the-top action gameplay set in an open post-apocalyptic wasteland, Rage 2 delivers thrills that Fallout fans will appreciate. Upgrade your arsenal with bizarre and experimental weapons as you take down rival factions. Streamlined shooting and driving mechanics, coupled with side quests and secrets to uncover, make Rage 2 a blast to play through multiple times.

I hope this selection of top-rated post-apocalyptic games like Fallout provides you many hours of gripping gameplay adventures! Let me know if you need any other recommendations for games to check out next.

The Borderlands Series

Borderlands perfected the looter shooter format and its post-apocalyptic worlds are filled with quirky characters and fun gunplay reminiscent of Fallout. With tons of guns, loot, and replayability across multiple games, Borderlands is a must for fans of Fallout.

State of Decay Series

State of Decay immerses you in surviving a zombie outbreak in an open world. Scavenge resources, craft weapons, manage your survivor colony, and defend against attacks. With base-building elements and permadeath, this is a fresh take on surviving a post-apocalypse that Fallout fans will appreciate.

The Last of Us Parts I & II

Naughty Dog’s masterful storytelling and survival gameplay shines a light on the human struggle to survive in post-pandemic America. While more linear than Fallout, TLOU’s atmospheric worlds and emotional character-focused narratives are incredibly engaging experiences.

Horizon Zero Dawn + Forbidden West

Guerilla Games’ breathtaking open worlds filled with futuristic robotic dinosaurs and tribal communities offer a unique post-apocalyptic setting. HZD delivers compelling combat, crafting, and RPG mechanics alongside an epic satisfying story – making it a must-play for those looking for another rich post-apocalyptic adventure.


In the world of post-apocalyptic gaming, these games are like Fallout’s cousins, each offering a different flavor of survival and adventure. If you want eerie underground journeys, try the Metro. For a mix of zombies and exploration, go with Days Gone. The Last of Us captures the emotional side of survival, while Borderlands adds humor and tons of loot.

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