Android Games With low Mb Storage Highly Compressed 2022

People now love different types of games for Android Games With low Mb, including Action, Strategy, Puzzle, and Simulation, to mention a few, and Android is gradually replacing other gaming platforms as the dominant platform. It’s incredibly exciting because you may download and play thousands of games right at your fingertips. But despite the fact that smartphones have increased in power recently, some people still use basic models. We’ve created a list of the best free, Android Games With low Mb because of this.

Are you looking for fantastic games for your Android device but are constrained by a tiny internal storage capacity or a limited data package? Is your low-end or mid-range device underpowered to handle the majority of the well-known games available on the Play Store

Do not worry; the Google Play Store includes a tonne of fantastic games that take up very little of your valuable internal storage and function flawlessly on even the most basic Android devices. These “lAndroid Games With low Mb” as some might refer to them, including a wide range of genres, from straightforward puzzle games to first-person shooters, so I’m confident you’ll find something you really enjoy.

Modern Sniper

If you enjoy shooting games but lack the internal storage to install bigger games like PUBG or Fortnite, you should try Candy Mobile’s Modern Sniper.

 The game has really good graphics and a broad variety of realistic weaponry for a game packed into such a little box. There are more than 50 missions to keep you interested, and 6 special maps each have their own difficulties. You’ll be taking out foes in no time because the gameplay fundamentals are quite easy to grasp in Android Games With low Mb.

Robot Strike 3D

Robot Strike 3D is a development of a positive game with a small install size. Play as a battle robot and destroy a variety of various enemy bots scattered throughout 60 different stages. Choose from more than 20 different robots, personalize and enhance your weaponry, and keep moving to avoid being hit by a stray missile. Once you get through the tutorial, the controls are quite easy to master, and you’ll undoubtedly have a lot of fun finishing the objectives.

Dead Ahead

A unique racing Android game that combines elements of endless runners and classic racing games is called Dead Ahead. Dead Ahead is a racing game where you compete for your life in an 8-bit world suffering an apocalyptic zombie apocalypse. The zombies must be defeated while avoiding obstacles and weaving through them. You may customize your vehicle and upgrade your weaponry in the game to kill zombies a little more quickly. If you want to play a racing game with a dangerous edge, try Dead Ahead.

Crazy Racer 3D

Crazy Racer 3D will have your heart racing because it is a fully developed car racing Android Games With low Mb in a little size. Playing the game is a lot of fun because of its 24 various race tracks, 6 different supercars, 3 game modes, and a tonne of personalization options. Crazy Racer 3D, like Space Racing 3D, lets players use powerups they can gather on the course to defeat their rivals, which gives the normally straightforward racing game a completely new dimension.

Robot Wants Kitty

Everyone will have a good time with the cute little game Robot Wants Kitty. It’s a timeless platformer puzzle game in which you take on the role of a lonesome, mechanical robot that is cold. By snatching a cat, the robot hopes to experience that lonesome emptiness. Your goal is to assist the robot in locating his cat while avoiding obstacles like lasers and adversaries and performing other actions that the game requires of you. 

The levels get harder as you go along, so you’ll need to update your robot to give it more power so you can hit your goal. a fantastic mobile Android and ios low Mb games for killing time.

2048- Puzzle Game

Let’s talk about the popular puzzle game 2048 from a while back. Each move adds another tile to the board, making the game progressively more challenging. The game is a straightforward math puzzle in which you combine two tiles with the same number to make a larger number. Be careful of your choice because you won’t be able to continue once the board is full and there are no more movements available. Because it’s a really straightforward game, it doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone and, as an added plus, it can be played offline.

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop, the last top puzzle game on this list, is not only difficult but also calming because of its music.

The game is fairly easy to play—you simply tap on puzzle pieces to make a perfect loop—but it may become quite difficult once you finish a few levels. The game contains endless levels, as implied by its name, so you can play it indefinitely without becoming bored.


Mekorama is a hard game where you play as an adorable tiny robot and solve challenging 3D puzzles.

 If you enjoy puzzle games, you should certainly check it out. The visuals are extremely great, and the soundtrack is very calming despite the game’s modest install size. With the game’s built-in diorama builder, you may even make your own 3D dioramas and share them with other players across the world. Mekorama is a terrific game for those of you without limitless data plans because it doesn’t require an internet connection to function.

Tank Hero

Control a toy tank to engage in tank combat across 120 stages in 3 different locations. Fire howitzers, heat-seeking missiles, and cannons at five different kinds of AI tanks that will make every effort to destroy you. The game is a tonne of fun, and the straightforward controls make it easy to play on a tiny screen. The fact that the game is totally free to play and can be played offline Android Games With low Mb in case you don’t have access to an internet connection is one of its best features.

Moto Hill Racing

Moto Hill Racing will be your finest option if you want to play bike Android Games With low Mb. You will be riding a motorcycle uphill and downhill through the mountainous city in this unrestricted game. Additionally, there are some automatic and manual styles to practice.

To progress in the game, you must keep up 10 Super hill motorcycles. Additionally, you’ll be rising really high. The game is incredibly easy to learn and can be enjoyed by players of all generations.

Flow Free

I myself enjoy playing the addicting puzzle game Flow Free when there is no active internet connection. In order for two flows to collide in the game, you must use pipes to connect two identically colored dots.

The game is extremely difficult because it features over 2,500 distinct puzzles of various levels of difficulty. Additionally, this game doesn’t require a lot of storage and works well on low-end smartphones.

Doodle Cricket

A repackaged version of one of Google’s Doodles, Doodle Cricket scarcely occupies any space on your device. Your only goal in this straightforward but entertaining cartoonized cricket game is to score runs. All you have to do to accomplish that is tap on the screen at the appropriate moment. If you’re a fan of cricket, you should definitely give Doodle Cricket a shot. It’s a portable game with a low memory need.

Shoot Bubble Deluxe

One of the most well-known retro bubble-busting shooting Android Games With low Mb is called Shoot Bubble Deluxe. It’s entertaining to play and necessitates some planning. It’s the perfect game to play while waiting for your coffee while you’re in line for a store checkout.

There are 300 distinct puzzle stages in addition to an arcade mode where you must react quickly as bubbles quickly deflate. The core gameplay is quite straightforward. Simply tap the desired location for the bubble, then line up bubbles of the same color to pop them before they reach the bottom and end the game. Every time I have a few spare minutes, I enjoy playing this game.

Bubble Shoot

One of the smallest shooting games you can find for Android is Bubble Shoot.

With in excess of 1860 or more levels, this is an updated rendition of old-school bubble games. To make an air pocket burst, join at least three air pockets.

Chess Game

Nothing, in my opinion, can match a nice game of chess. It is still one of the most-played board games in the world and one of the oldest strategic games. Chess is a game that you should play if you want to gauge your mental sharpness and improve your strategic thinking.

No matter how old your Android device is, you can play the game because it is only 5MB in size. Ten different degrees of difficulty are available in the game so you can monitor your progress. Additionally, you receive gaming support and recommendations to help you win particularly challenging games and enhance your performance. Yes, it’s not as entertaining as other games, but everyone should play it occasionally at the very least.

Devil Ninja 2

One of the first games on the Play Store, Devil Ninja 2 may be familiar to those who have played Android games in the past. Having said that, it would be wrong to omit the game off the list because it is so excellent.

The action in the game is nonstop, and you’ll love every second of it. You take on the role of a ninja whose mission is to battle monsters and defeat the monster king. You will gather goods and energy balls along the journey in order to gain powerful weaponry to finish your goals. Through and through, it is a show.

Final Words

Here is a list of Android Games With low Mb. That takes up very little space on your phone. These little MB games run smoothly on entry-level hardware. You don’t need to be concerned about running out of phone storage or data for downloading. These games are all offline, so playing them doesn’t require a lot of data.
Even on outdated hardware, these small-memory games function properly. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about phone storage or downloading data. These games are all offline-playable and don’t use a lot of data. Choose a game from the list of those with fewer megabytes by downloading it.

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