Becoming a pro-gamer – 10 ways to improve your gaming skills

Video games used to be quite simple twenty years ago, with sparse graphics and simple plots. Things have evolved dramatically in recent years, with video games becoming more complicated and convoluted than ever before, necessitating extensive training and practice if you want to succeed.

Those of you who have decided to make a full-time job out of your passion for video games should bear in mind that becoming a professional gamer requires a lot of devotion and hard work. Taking home win after win as a professional video gamer entails much more than simply playing the game till you perfect it. It entails remaining physically and psychologically fit, investing in quality equipment, and accepting that you have a lot to learn from people around you.

No matter what type of game you’re playing or who your opponents are. Are the advice below will help you get into the appropriate mentality and enhance your skills.

10-Invest in Good Hardware

Just as you would not be a good cook if your overdose was hot. You cannot be a good player if your computer freezes every time a small action starts on the screen. That’s why you need to invest in a gaming computer that suits your needs. Remember, when it comes to the game, there is no solution at all. Fortunately, today PCs are customized and can be customized or modified to your liking.

The processor is probably the first definition you will look at. Try not to fall into the quad-core, if you are stuck on a budget. Although you should aim for at least 6-core to ensure that most modern games work well. Next, you will need a good graphics card to really improve your game experience. Especially if you are considering streaming your game sessions to fans.

The Alienware computer may sound like a dream come true, with 64BG of RAM to use. But the truth is, that is a waste of resources. Most games today require only 16GB, so there is no need to spend all that extra money. Also, you can easily change the memory if the game requirements require it.

9-Practice makes perfect

Last but not least, put in a lot of practice time! The only way to enhance your talents is to practice. They are on a regular basis, much like athletes do to prepare for a big competition. Are you having problems completing a level? Play it till you know it from beginning to end.

The majority of extreme eSports competitors’ full-time employment is video game playing. These gamers spend hours upon hours honing their talents. If you want to win large at tournaments, you’ll need to do the same. If you choose this path, make sure to get some vitamin D by going outside on a regular basis. After all, rickets can substantially hamper your game-playing abilities.



“There’s strength in numbers,” as the old adage goes. Join a local club at your institution or in your community to learn from other players or simply to practice. Of course, you may locate gamers on the internet. Video gaming, on the other hand, maybe a lonely pastime. Why not get to know some people in person? See if there are any gamer clubs in your region on Meetup. Participate in a Counter-Strike team tryout. If you’ree interested in team-based competitive gaming. If you make the cut, you’ll have numerous partners to assist you in learning the ropes. Having someone mentor you in any skill is one of the finest ways to master it.

Take a peek at what Darth Vader has done with the Emperor as his mentor! That’s a horrible example, to be sure.

If you want to improve your e-Sports abilities, watch what the pros do during live-streamed contests or broadcast events. If you”re interested in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The new E-League program on TBS, which will premiere this summer, is a fantastic place to start. Attending one of these tournaments is an even better plan. That way, you’lll be surrounded by players that share your interests and may be able to help you out.


PLAY VIDEO GAMES Of YOUR Childhood old games gaming skills pro gamer

Donkey Kong, Castlevania, and Ninja Gaiden were among the first video games released in the 8-bit period, and they were harsh on newcomers. If you didn’t have a Game Genie, you had to be accurate with your timing if you wanted to go to the next level. Many of these legendary titles were initially published in arcades by their publishers. This meant that if you wanted to keep playing, you had to improve significantly (or have parents with bottomless pockets). If you play any of these older games on a regular basis, you’ll improve your response speed to the point where you’ll be able to handle practically everything a modern game can throw at your gaming skills as a pro-gamer.



It may appear self-evident, but the more video games you play gaming skills a pro-gamer, the better you will get. It’s especially simple to master a certain video game genre. The fundamental controls of first-person shooters (FPS) have remained relatively unchanged over time. The technique of strafing and dodging enemy fire can be found in most shooters, from BioShock Infinite to the Doom series. When you play a few games like this, you’ll be a better player when you go into a new one, like Mirror’s Edge Catalyst from 2016. Shoot-em-ups, role-playing games, and run-and-gun games are examples of genres with common aspects. Meanwhile, honing your Contra abilities, for example, will almost certainly make you a better Metal Slug player.

5-Playing With or Against Better Players

pro gamer skills practice against pro gamer

Have you ever heard the phrase “you’re in the wrong place if you’re the brightest person in the room” – the remark simply indicates that you should always surround yourself with individuals who are more competent than you in a certain pursuit so that you may learn from them and enhance your own skill level?

That statement may be used in a variety of situations, including gaming.

Sure, beating someone you’re better than is nice, but it won’t help you improve your skills in the least – all it does is create overconfidence, which is one of the worst attributes a gamer can have.

To see a dramatic increase in your skill level, you must play with or against superior players on a regular basis.
After a short period of time playing with superior players, you’ll automatically learn to adapt to their style of play, making you a considerably more capable player than previously.

4-Watch Pro Players On Streaming Platforms

4-Watch Pro Players On Streaming Platforms

You may witness how a pro player reacts to different scenarios in real-time by watching live feeds.

They provide you with a unique view into the mind of a professional player, allowing you to master their strategies and replicate their playing styles.

While you may not be able to recreate everything you see on live, internalizing even a small portion of what an expert accomplishes while on a stream may lead to a significant improvement in your skill level.

find gaming skills pro-gamer players streaming on TwitchMixer, and sometimes Youtube.

3-The devil is in the key details

The accessories are as necessary as, if not more important than, the computer itself. After all, these are the items that you use on a daily basis. I’m referring to headphones, mice or controllers, and monitors. However, simply purchasing the most costly ones available is insufficient. They will not play the game for you, no matter what you do.

-The devil is in the key details

A noise-canceling headset will aid your concentration and help you avoid distractions. If you actually want to stay concentrated, avoid playing games while listening to music. Instead, increase the game’s sound effects while decreasing the in-game music.

Some games are meant to be a bit dark and they look much better that way. Make sure you have a comfortable mouse or controller – it needs to become an extension of your hands. It may also help turn the brightness on your skin slightly up, to ensure you spot details better. Take your time to test products and choose the one that you feel suits your best gaming skills as a pro-gamer.

2-Watch And Learn

watch and learn gaming skills to becoming a pro player

The ELeague is a great place to start – and an even better strategy is to attend one of these competitions. That way you can be around players with similar interests who may be able to give you some advice.

To effectively play video games, or do any activity that requires precise coordination, your reaction time must be at a heightened level. General health advice like getting a full night’s sleep, exercising regularly, and eating healthy is applicable to becoming a better gamer. As tempting as it may be to stay up late to finish one more Fallout 4 mission, just put the controller down and get some rest.

1-Work on your soul.

gaming skills working on soul

Ice runs through the veins of the world’s top gaming skills pro-gamer players. They can keep their cool under duress, which helps them to constantly perform at their best in their chosen sports.

Maintaining your composure is easier said than done, but it is an important component of pushing your talents to the next level, so focus on it if you want to enhance your gaming skills quickly.

Some people find it easier to retain their composure than others, but you can usually improve your composure by gaming while listening to peaceful and soothing music or by meditating in your spare time.


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