Best 16 Action RPG Games Like Diablo To Play In 2022 

These are the top Diablo-like video games that are available for you to play right now. That means, you lucky creature, you can satisfy your craving for killing things, leveling up, and donning ridiculously huge and jagged shoulder pauldrons.

However, simply hitting things to level up is insufficient; in fact, it’s now a common feature in many games. The camera angle, world setting, tone, and other elements are taken into consideration when creating our list of games that are similar to Diablo.

This doesn’t restrict us from searching elsewhere for a game with a Diablo-like feel. Fortunately for us, there are other options. Let’s look at the top Diablo-like games of 2022.

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Torchlight 2

There’s no denying that Torchlight 2 is an ARPG for skilled dungeon-crawlers just games like Diablo, but with a little more colorful interpretation of the Diablo paradigm.

You may do extra things like sending your pet to the market to sell your stuff on your behalf. It contains all the same mechanics and elements that have made the genre what it is. There is a ton of different weaponry and play styles to experiment with, and the game is full of pleasant little details like that that serves to make it feel a little bit smoother and friendlier.

Minecraft Dungeons

Although Minecraft Dungeons isn’t the most engaging game to play, it does help to scratch the Diablo itch for the time you spend with it.

It was a fun experience with a sufficient variety of adversaries, items, and attacks, Additionally, it has much more eye-catching visuals than you might anticipate from a game set in the world of Minecraft. Although it’s hardly the best game you’ll ever play, this fairly mindless dungeon crawl is definitely worth the price of admission.

If you’re seeking for games like Diablo while we wait for the real thing, this is definitely a game to download.

Path of Exile

The most well-known entry on this list is likely Path of Exile, After a few years, PoE has matured into a substantial, complete substitute for Diablo and a really rich experience in and of itself, Even more, it succeeds in taking the model established by games like Diablo and transforming it into one of the best PC MMOs.

The fact that it is free-to-play and uses a concept that is essentially fair makes it even more astounding. The game’s creator, Grinding Gear Games, regularly updates the title with sizable expansions every few months, not to mention the imminent release of Path of Exile 2, There are various PoE builds and playing styles to try with.

Destiny 2

Along with the variety and abundance of riches, the class you choose for your Guardian determines your formidable skills, For example, you can choose to be a swift hunter, a tanky Titan, or a supposedly sorcerous Warlock. Each class has powerful ults as well as its own unique specialties.

Additionally, there is an epic-scale plot, difficult raids, and, most importantly, superb cooperative multiplayer. If you want top-notch shooting but don’t like Borderlands’ look or humor, Destiny 2 is a terrific option. borderlands 2 is also included on the list, Check out Destiny 2, a terrific game created by Bungie, a pioneer in the genre. The core experience is free to play.

V Rising 

Travel the globe, engage in combat with a variety of foes, and take their loot in V Rising. You are endowed with amazing abilities as a child of the night, which you may use with ease in a fast-paced battle.

Without a foreboding castle in which he can observe the wretched and deceitful nature of people, what use is a vampire in a Gothic horror setting, Well in addition to that for an extra show of your vampire skills, you also get to create and personalize your own fortress.

Grim Dawn

Check out Grim Dawn if you like steampunk to high fantasy and think a blunderbuss would make a great off-hand weapon for a sword, While maintaining the addictive hack-and-slash-and-loot gameplay loop, the gothic Victorian theming gives it a flavor completely unlike anything else on this list.

Grim Dawn is a game for people who are sick of Diablo 3’s easy accessibility and endless scaling. For those looking for a challenge, this is a rougher game with a tougher grind that will ultimately be more rewarding.

Children of Morta

Children of Morta is a gorgeous pixel-art videogame that combines roguelike features with hack-and-slash dungeon crawling, and tells the tale of a family of talented warriors battling a rapidly expanding evil.

You’ll lose more lives here in a single night than you would in a whole Diablo 3 run on standard difficulty, but with each death, you’ll gain access to a bit more backstory and resources for character leveling.

Morta, like Diablo, offers a fixed cast of heroes for you to pick from, but it encourages you to play as all of them at once, which is something that Blizzard’s franchise should actually take a cue from, It’s a great game to play couch co-op as well.

Titan Quest

The most popular fictional-historical setting in video games is quickly evolving to be ancient Greek mythology, and Titan Quest effectively grinds it through the loot-em-up meat grinder. In this elegant environment, you can destroy hydras, cyclops, and satyrs in a manner similar to how you destroyed Diablo’s demonic hordes.

Although Titan Quest is quite old by this point, the 2016 Anniversary Edition smooths out the jagged edges and adds a wonderful warm glow to the sparkling weaponry and ambery hue of Greece’s parched terrain. Although it’s rather straightforward in terms of ARPGs, the subject and presentation make it fun to play.

Sands of Aura

Sands of Aura is a truly fantastic open-world Diablo-like game that differs from the other titles on this list in a few key ways.

Yes, it has a well-known isometric view and resembles the other games on this list in appearance, However, this one will play quite differently than normal because the combat is much more akin to a souls-like game or even Nier: Automata.

And it has a very sophisticated and varied mechanism for character development, Even if you’re not a fan of Diablo, this one is still really cool. It has a lot of amazing things going on that really make it stand out.

Torchlight 3

The castle, which acts as your base of operations and may be modified at your convenience, is a significant addition to TL3.

The other fundamentals are fairly well known: there are four classes, a tonne of loot, and lots of opportunities for good-natured fun.

The success of Torchlight is partly attributed to its exaggerated cartoonish aesthetics, which make it more aesthetically pleasing to explore and learn about the world, However, the really engaging fighting and a very helpful pet are also nothing to be sniffed at.

Whatever way you look at it, it’s a fantastic trip that we cannot pass up.


Since its release in 2018, Hades has won over a LOT of fans and a tonne of accolades, including four Game of the Year nominations.

Despite having a novel gameplay premise, it is fundamentally a rogue-like dungeon crawler in which the player must battle their way through a sequence of chambers in order to advance to the next one.

For Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, Hades is now available.

Hades mixes a captivating narrative with stunning game visuals and fun gameplay, This is undoubtedly a fantastic gaming experience and should not be missed.

Vikings — Wolves Of Midgard

Even though Vikings was created by Games Farm and released by Kalypso Media Digital in 2017, it still meets the standards for an action RPG. The player of the game travels through the Norse mythological country of Midgard.

As they move over the realm, players receive blessings from various Norse gods and bash their opponents with hammers, Players can enlist friends to play in co-op mode, which has a number of monsters and zombies to fend off, Additionally, this game offers amusing cutscenes and intriguing lore to explore.

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is a faithful recreation of FromSoft’s landmark PS3 game from 2009. For fans who just appreciate dungeon crawling in a dark fantasy scenario, it doesn’t get much better than this. Mechanically, it doesn’t share much with the Diablo franchise.

The Dark Souls series and Bloodborne followed the original Demon’s Souls, which also gave rise to a distinct action RPG sub-genre. Although it is renowned for being difficult, this game offers much more in terms of mythology, world-building, and character classes—all of which will appeal to fans of dungeon-crawling Diablo.

Devil May Cry

As some of you may already be aware, Devil May Cry is a frantic hack-and-slash game featuring Dante as the main character. He kills some of the most merciless demons from hell after being sent into limbo.

I won’t go into more detail about the lore because you should discover it for yourself,The most recent game in the series, Devil May Cry 5, is one of the five that are currently available.

God of War

In its early versions, God of War was a top-down style game, similar to the Diablo series. Playing as the Spartan warrior Kratos, you kill various Greek deities to exact revenge on them for the demise of his family.

All games in the franchise feature tight, responsive hack-and-slash action. Combat doesn’t get boring because of a clever upgrade system, and the gameplay is challenging.

Last Epoch

Last Epoch is both difficult and approachable for newbies Games Like Diablo. With time and care, its many levels of character development become apparent. Everything is made plain, so the player is never need to consult outside sources in order to develop useful characters. It’s more difficult than Path of Exile, but in a different way than Diablo 3.

You can choose from three additional mastery classes for each of the five base classes you begin as on Last Epoch. After that, you can adjust your gameplay by customising and levelling up your skills. Each ability has its own augment three, and each class and mastery has its own skills, giving you more than 100 options for each character.

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