BEST Co-Op Horror Games to Play with Friends!

Nothing brings people together better than fear right well. The following best co-op horror games are your opportunity to get together with the old friends and new and screen your lungs out in unison. These co-op horrors will have you all carrying together suffering from racing hearts and sweaty palms as you battle through or hide from unspeakable evils.

They’ll leave you laughing nervously the horror close in and fighting selfishly for supplies when things get tough by the time you’re done you’ll know you can trust in the real apocalyptic crisis and who will throw you in the gaping war of an unholy beast if it meant their hide.


Before among us, there was deceit in Co-Op Horror Games few corp experiences require you to consider whether or not you can trust. your teammates to seek breaks the mold and frost players into uncertainty by infecting a fraction of them with viruses. Those that aren’t infected must work together to escape safely. All while the infected work to impede progress drink from blood blocks and remain undetected if they make it to the end of a zone without being exposed. the infected players mutate into deadly monstrosities and pursue their fellow colleagues with no need for deception the game becomes frenetic as the innocent survivors struggle to avoid the gasp of their former companions.
Deceit is a game of trusting the name and finding ways to impede your fellow players without turning them on to the fact that you’re infected. Basically, if you like the things and don’t like the things and don’t mind losing a few friends give this game a go

The Blackout Club

When you and your friends gathered in a treehouse to talk about your town’s deepest darkest conspiracies in the blackout club you won’t just discuss them you’ll act out on the oddities brewing beneath the streets.
Up to Four players joined in this co-op horror game experience to stop the evils that are have been taking children utilizing an array of gadgets and your wits you’ll need to outsmart the adults that have the town under their thumb.
Together you’ll accomplish missions to uncover the secrets haunting the quaint town. Escaping its deadly inhabitants and the unseen supernatural shape choose your path across each night and experiment with different solutions to find the one that is exposed.
the truth haunting the blackout club is a very underrated very fun horror game give this one a try if you haven’t heard of it yet.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

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What if how you handled fear was what separated you from the survivors. And those that succumbed breaking away from the franchise’s typical viruses resident evil revelations 2
Infects fan-favorite claire red field and newcomer Moira burton with a strain that reacts to how afraid. They are those that let their fear consume them become one of the afflicted.
In revelations-2 players can team up as claire and Moira in their escape from the clutches of the overseer. The two-part narrative often shifts focused to barry Byrne who returns to the series to save his daughter. He’s joining Natalya a young girl with strange powers. The two sides of the narrative offer two very different experiences as claire and Moira players will have to use their wits. To evade the afflicted with Natalya’s help barry can combat the island’s monstrosities.
It’s the survival co-op horror game experience fans have wanted from this series since resident evil 5 shifted the series. Into the realm of action by the way. How difficult is it to say Moira try and say it really fast Moira more.

Dead space 3

In the list of co-op horror games, dead space free many would claim this is where the dead space series went off the rails.

Dead space 3 : img credited

but it’s really not bad at all no really it can actually be quite fun and uh okay. you’ve clicked off the video okay it’s all right I’ll just talk to myself for a bit it’s a shift from a strict horror experience. more to something more akin to an action title that helped integrate a co-op mode that saw series protagonist Isaac Clarke teaming up with sergeant john carver the game introduces human enemies to amp up the action but there is no shortage of ectomorphs to dismember either dead space

3 has players work together to battle the scourge and swarms of religious fanatics seeking salvation from the markers.

Yes dead space 3 was a clear departure from its predecessors but it’s not a game worth writing off quite the contrary actually as it offers something new that you and a friend can enjoy together.

Hunt: showdown

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Hunt showdown goes on the hunt of a lifetime with a friend armed and ready to help you take down your prey.

 In hunt showdown, there’s a world of supernatural horrors waiting to meet the business end of your Arsenal. Some may fall easily giving you a full sense of power then. You’ll meet the true horror that serves as your primary target.

Hunt showdown is a period piece that pits you against grisly monstrosities. Use your wits and assortment of firearms and gadgets to bring down even. The most brutish game while you avoid perm death.

You and your partner aren’t the only ones on the hunt though other humans armed to the teeth will stand. In your way and suck up the bullets intended for the beast that stalks the world of hunt

Hunt down remember in hunt death is part of the fun actually that’s a lie. it always sucks.

Dying lights

dying to lig

In this game, slow-moving zombies aren’t so much of a nuisance. That you can’t take them on by yourself right all right.

that’s fine what about when day becomes night and the volatiles come screeching around. But you wish you had someone to latch onto as you both violently die right.

Declan’s dying delivers a lot of what dead island couldn’t namely parkour. Most games are enhanced by parkour and that’s something that’s clear in-game. As you skip across the roofs of Iran and then pull off a tag team wrestling move on some hapless zombie. It also helps that t just keeps giving in terms of content and things to embody dying light is bloody and beautiful.

The kind of game worth experiencing with another person. They’re making a second game but 2020 has killed all hopes of most good things.

read more About dying light


Gtfo no idea what that stands for as the most underrated game on this list,

we think so gtfo is the kind of game you only want to play with other people.

the endless string of horrifying beasts would always leave you cowering in a corner squeezing the trigger.

 until only the click of an empty magazine was left well even with other players joining you in the firefight you’re sure to find yourself in that position at least once gtfo is relentless throwing waves upon waves and monsters.

your way all you can do is survive equipped with an arsenal of firearms explosives and tools you’ll need to coordinate with your fireteam to perfect your plan of defense and complete objectives to escape the

underground complex alive the developers are adding stuff to gtfo all the time so now’s a pretty good time to jump in if you haven’t yet.

Dead By Daylight

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Dead by daylight it’s a fight to the finish between killers and their prey in this asymmetrical.

Multiplayer experience in order to survive the four human players will need to work together to escape. The realms of the entity oversee it with a first for souls. While on the run from their deadly stalkers. The survivors must boot up a scattering of generators to reveal their exit.

it’s not a goal any one person can achieve on their own. So it will take teamwork to outsmart the supernatural forces. and familiar slayers working for the entity dead by daylight. Features recognizable characters like Laurie strode ghost face Michael Myers ash and Freddy Krueger . Who joined a cast of original horror shorts to make your heart skip a beat. Only with others will you survive the unspeakable terror that is dead by daylight. Oh you know cut their faces off one of the other. in the list of Co-Op Horror Games

The Forest

the forest yes we’re talking about the forest again it’s a disease. When you awake from the plane crash that isolates you in the middle of a haunting forest your sun is pulled from the wreckage by a mysterious figure alone and with no supplies, you’ll have to scour the forest hey that’s the name of the game and nearby beaches for the tools needed to survive.

Forest game
Forest game

Unfortunately, It’s not just the elements you’ll need to battle the forest pits. You and other players against cannibalistic mutants. That has overtaken the peninsula from nothing. You start with you have to build encampment fashion weapons out of sticks and rocks and improve your Defenses.

otherwise, you’ll succumb to the horrors that emerge come nightfall. The forest is a tense survival experience shorter toy of your nerves even as you upgrade your basic weapons. And structures the deadly cannibals come at you with even more terrifying mutations. That will haunt your nightmares and prevent you from finding them.

your missing son ho let’s be honest we all forgot about it within an hour. what was his name again Greg or something another day?

Left 4 Dead 2 

left 4 dead 2 is it safe to say that left for dead 2 is the ultimate horror co-op experience. Some may cry foul and claim. It’s not a horror game but you try saying that with a straight face. When the witch’s cries and haunting score fill your speakers. When a tank plows through your teammates with ease and a jockey. Takes control of movements in case you’ve been out of the loop.

left 4 dead

 left 4 dead 2 is last in Co-Op Horror Games pits 4 players against the horde of the undead. Along with basic infective expansive detailed maps are filled with special zombies. Like the liquor spitter or hunter all of which can make your life a living hell. And all of which probably find a special little business card in UK phone boxes. If you know what I mean it’s a rush to the safe house. As you blast through countless waves of zombies together.

There is no working alone as the ravenous fiends attack mercilessly forcing you to provide cover. To one another at all times. It’s one of the best bonding experiences you’ll ever have in a video game. And just one of the best games ever made.


so there you have it then the best co-op horror games. That you should play with your mates if you dare oh scary what have we missed

if we have missed anything let us know down in the comments box below left-right or wherever it is these days.

and thank you..

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