Best Robot Games To Play In 2022

There are few more exciting things in gaming than robots. And if you’re looking for a new robot game, we’ve got it all covered. Our list of the best robot games will blow you away with the power of technology and imagination!

Every type of mech lover can find an experience thanks to the long history and variety of genres of robot games. Consider yourself a gearhead with a taste for meticulously assembling mechanical components and slow, laborious robot warfare. How do you feel about the action that is fast-pacedd and has an anime flavor.

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I’ve put together a list of some of the great robot games ever created for you to get excited about, ranging from games where players fight alongside their mecha counterparts to titles that include strategic fights that are sure to leave your brain hurting.

It’s clear that the game made the cut in the list below!

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a single-player action RPG Best Robot Games set in the universe of CD Projekt Red’s acclaimed open-world RPG. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In this game, you play as V — a hired gun on the hunt for your targets through an often atmospheric and gritty urban environment. You can choose to play as either male or female characters. However, there is no multiplayer component include with this title.
The release date for Cyberpunk 2077 was announced at E3 2019. Where it received rave reviews from critics who praised its stunning visuals and gameplay mechanics. You can expect to get your hands on this game sometime in 2020 if things go according to plan!

Supreme Commander 2

One of those Xbox games that truly never, ever gets old is Supreme Commander 2. I’m currently taking the opportunity to get nerdy over the strategic aspects of this huge game in 2022. I need to lie down just to keep track of what’s happening on the battlefield!

It’s a full-time job, you know, juggling combat tactics while making sure you have the mass and energy to construct resources and then protect them.

I’ll worried you right away that this video game isn’t for you if you have no patience.  In order to win this game, you must have patience and a warlike mindset. Nevertheless, the Skirmish mode is a fantastic opportunity to refine such abilities and adopt a winning attitude.

Super Robot Wars 30

Super Robot Wars was a strategic role-playing game that, until recently, was exclusively available in Japan. Now, 30 years after the series’ inception, Super Robot Wars 30 can showcase its all-star cast internationally.

You may recruit renowned mechs and robots from the top mecha anime, including Mobile Suit Gundam, Mazinkaiser, and Code Geass, as the leader of a robot army on a mission to save the world. You’ll upgrade your roster in addition to the turn-based tactical battles to put up the best possible mecha team.

Strike Suit Zero

The action shooter game is called Strike Suit Zero. Rarely is it so satisfying to focus on a wave of foes and eliminate them all at once.

Strike Suit Zero is a space combat game developedd by Born Ready Games in an effort to revitalize the genre. Features intense space game action akin to Freelancer and Freespace with a fair dose of Gundam thrown in for good measure. By avoiding this robot game, fans of space warfare and mecha anime games would be doing themselves a disservice.

Transformers: Devastation

Transformers: Devastation is a third-person action game that features an impressive roster of playable characters and a story that follows the events of The Last Knight. The gameplay mechanics are simple. But they’re fun to use as you fight your way through waves of enemies while also building up your character’s abilities and weapons.
The game has several different modes from which to choose: campaign mode, arcade mode, cooperative play with friends over Xbox Live or local wireless (both online and offline). Versus multiplayer combat with up to four players at once (online only) and more!

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a game that blends gameplay, story and characters into Best Robot Games. Players will play as Jack Joyce (the main character) who has been forced to use his abilities. As an agent of time travel in order to stop a terrorist organization from destroying time itself. The game also features numerous other characters like Beth Wilder. Who acts as an ally throughout the story or Monarch Solutions head Paul Serene who helps Jack along with his mission.
The plotline itself follows directly from where Episode One left off. When it comes down to saving humanity from extinction at the hands of these terrorists known as “Freakshow”. Players must choose whether they want help from their old friend Paul Serene. Or if they won’t take care of things on their own by stopping these threats before they occur!

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy is a first-person shooter developed by Streum On Studio and released in 2007. It’s set in a cyberpunk future where the player is an assassin who has been augmented with cybernetic implants. Including robotic legs and arms that can be used to carry out missions.

The game includes multiple weapons such as pistols, rifles, and shotguns. However the most common weapon used is your pistol because of its high rate of fire and accuracy. When compared to other weapons available at your disposal throughout gameplay (elements like recoil). There are also different types of enemies. That you’ll encounter during each mission which includes human enemies such as police officers or soldiers but also robots such as drones or turrets. Which pose additional threats when trying to complete objectives within each mission’s time limit so make sure not take them lightly!

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released in 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the Linux version following on September 13th 2018. The game takes place in a futuristic world where humans and robots fight each other for resources.
Titanfall 2 features several different playable characters, including pilots who can be customized with different weapons or abilities. That allow them to perform unique attacks on their enemies. There are also three different classes of soldiers available: assault, support, and engineer (who can build turrets).

Into the Breach

This game’s fights take place on a tiny 8×8 grid and unfold more like a puzzle than a game of tactics. Planning your sequence of maneuvers is nearly more crucial than dealing direct damage to the enemies. Because each mech has unique attacks that can move enemies around the map in particular ways. Into the Breach is a tense and exciting brain burner of an independent game due to the presence of civilian buildings that you must safeguard.

In a brief and time-effective manner, Into the Breach captures the scope of the robot-on-monstrous-insect combat. The game incorporates aspects from the roguelike genre and creates a unique run for each effort to complete the plot. Between bouts, you can gain mech upgrades and get to pick. Which pilot you want to stick with you between runs, which gives the experience a little more permanence.

These are the best robots games in 2022

  • Cyberpunk 2077 (the most recent game to feature robots)
  • Transformers: Devastation (a transforming robot game)
  • Quantum Break (a time-bending mech game)
  • E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy (a cyberpunk first-person shooter that gives you a robot bodyguard as your companion).


If you are looking for a game that has robots in it, you should try these games. Computers may be introduced in a fun way using robotics. a great talent for future job advancement. Robotics promotes creativity and curiosity. Robot equips them for a world dominated by technology.

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