Dragon Slayer 2- Quest Complete Guide

This is the full Dragon Slayer 2 Quest walkthrough and quest guide. This is a guide to help you complete all of the tasks in the game, including finding items, solving puzzles and defeating enemies.


This is the full Dragon Slayer 2 Quest walkthrough and quest guide.
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Dragon Slayer 2 (DS2) is an action RPG game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Atlus. The game was released on June 28th, 2018 for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, It takes place in the same universe as the original Dragon Slayer but features some new characters and gameplay mechanics.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about completing Dragon Slayer 2 Quest!

1. Getting the quest started

  • Getting the quest started

You’ll need to talk to each of the kings in order to get started on your journey. The locations of these kings are:

  • King of Port Sarim can be found in Port Sarim, just south of Varrock (the capital city) and northeast of Lumbridge Castle, He will give you a message from his queen if you speak with him first, The quest “The Slayer’s official guide” starts here as well as most quests involving slayer monsters like demon hunters or skeletons!
  • King of Ardougne can be found in Falador which is located northwest from Varrock, north-west from Al Kharid, southeast from Edgeville, and southwest from Draynor Village; talk with him here first before moving on anywhere else since this is where all other parts of the game begin so it’s important that we start here first! You may also want some food while traveling around here because there aren’t many places nearby where we can eat besides just buying food off other players who sell their wares at specific spots throughout RuneScape but they usually cost quite a bit too so make sure yours isn’t full before deciding whether or not buying something would be worth doing right now based solely off what type might sell best based upon how much money each item costs, when bought individually without needing anything else involved like armor, sets etcetera.”

2. Get the Pieces of the Puzzle

  • Get the Pieces of the Puzzle

The second part of the quest is to collect four pieces of a puzzle, They are scattered across the world and you can find them in different places, You will need to do some adventuring to get them all, but luckily, they’re worth it!

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3. Onwards to Melzar’s map piece

  • Go to Melzar’s map piece.
  • Talk to Melzar and give him the map piece you found.

4. The Map comes together, and three pieces are in hand

You should have three pieces of the map by now. Go ahead and place them in the right places on your map, and you’ll see that one piece is missing: The Dragon Slayer itself.

To find this final piece, you need to go back to where you found it before—the library, There are two ways to get there: Either walk through town (but be careful not to bump into anyone), or use your portal spell from earlier in this questline.

When you arrive at your destination, open up each chest that appears until all three pieces are ready for use (they’ll look like black rectangles).

5. Head to Ice Mountain caves

  • Go to Ice Mountain caves.
  • Talk to the Ice Warrior, who is located in the center of the cave (not far from where you start).
  • He will ask you to kill a dragon who has been terrorizing his people for years.

6. The Dragonkin key

The Dragonkin key is a key that can be used to open the entrance of the Dragon’s lair, To get it, you’ll have to kill all the dragons in your way and collect their keys, which are dropped by them when they die.

7. Reuniting the Legends

To reunite the legends, you must defeat any one of them. The first is found in the city of Arlen and would be great to get before moving on to fight other legends.

8. The final battle against Elvarg

Now that you’ve defeated the dragons, Elvarg is the last one standing. In this battle, you will need to do some more damage to her than in any other fight so far. She has a high defense so it can be difficult at first but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

The most effective way of dealing damage is through your potions and wands (or even other weapons), An easy way to get them is by looting any containers that had treasure inside them while exploring dungeons or killing monsters around town; these containers are usually located close together so they’re easy targets! You should also consider using fire spells when fighting against Elvarg because they have a high chance of burning her down before she reaches maximum health points – make sure not

to use too many though as this could cause an imbalance between both sides’ health bars if used too often during battle.”

9. Quest Completed!

Congratulations! You have completed the Dragon Slayer 2 quest.

Now that you have completed all of the quests in this game, it’s time to move onto another game!

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Congratulations on completing your first dragon slayer quest! This was a long and challenging quest, but with the help of your friends and family, you were able to complete it, You have now learned about many things for yourself, including what makes a good hero or heroine and how important their friends are in helping them along the way.

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