First time since 2015, Amazon is releasing new mobile games.

Amazon’s Amazon Kids+ service is releasing two new mobile games based on the original Amazon specials Super Spy Ryan and Do, Re & Mi.

First time since 2015, Amazon is releasing new mobile games.
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All these games are produced by Amazon Mobile making them. The first Amazon-published mobile games since Til Morning’s Light and the internally produced To-Fu Fury in 2015. As the first in a new line of Amazon Kids+ Originals.


It also reflects Amazon’s current initiatives’ continuous focus on the children’s media industry. As well as Amazon Glow’s recent release from beta.

The 30-minute 2020 special Super Spy Ryan is based on the multimedia content empire. Established by the successful Ryan’s World YouTube channel. Which is itself based on the popular “Ryan’s World” YouTube channel. At the time of writing Ryan’s World offers numerous kid-friendly comedies. Starring pre-teen product reviewer Ryan Kaji and his family had 32.3 million followers.

Super Spy Ryan


The Kaji family collaborated with mobile game companies like Pocket Watch. And Amber Studio to create the Super Spy Ryan game. It’s describedd as a fun family-friendly multiplayer romp for ages six to nine. It casts the player as Ryan and his buddies. As they avoid traps and compete in minigames. And recover stolen gifts from Ryan’s (fictional, animated) archnemesis, Packrat.

The game is specifically developed with child-friendly features. Players in online multiplayer aree given spy-themed usernames at random. There are no chat facilities or friend lists. And parents can enable a single-player mode. That allows their children to compete against computer-controlled opponents alone.

Super Spy Ryan is now publish in the Apple and Google Play app stores. In the United States, the U.k, and Ireland. And will be arriving shortly on Amazon’s Fire iPad Kids+ membership. It’s the third game themed on the Ryan’s World trademark Following Race, with Ryan on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in 2019 and Ryan’s Rescue Squad on mobile in 2022.

Kristen Bell (The Good Place, Frozen), Jackie Tohn (GLOW). And Luke Youngblood, like Harry Potter. Stars as a trio of musical songbirds in Do And Re and Mi. Which is based on an Amazon Prime series of the same name.

Bell and Tohn reprise their roles in an instructional music game. For preschoolers, created by Prague-based smartphone developer About Fun. It has minigames that teach you. How to play the bongos and the piano. As well as how to read sheet music and the fundamentals of musical concepts like the duet.
At the time of writing, there is no set release date for the game, But it will be available on the Apple App Store.

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