How to Make Moon in Little Alchemy 2- Easy Guide 2023

There are many ways to make the moon in Little Alchemy 2, but we only used simple and easy methods to make a moon in a few steps. Follow me

To show how an element can be prepared in several ways, we’ve chosen a few recipes. You can select whichever is best or suits your desires. You can even give them all a try and pick the one that is most suited for you.

How to Make Moon in Little Alchemy 2- Easy  complete Guide 2023

Make moon in little alchemy 2 recipe

 To make the moon in Little Alchemy 2, you will need to combine the elements of air and time.

First, combine air and time to create the sky. After that, combine the sky and moon.

The following is the recipe:

Air + Time = Sky

Sky + Moon = Moon

Some Similar Methods to Make a Moon in little alchemy 2 

You will come across some alternative element methods in the game, and you must collect these elements in order to make a moon. Or here are some other ways for you to make a moon in Little Alchemy2.

  • Earth + Night
  • Cheese + Night
  • Night + Planet
  • Sky + Time
  • Stone + Night
  • Sky + Cheese
  • Sky + Planet
  • Sky + Stone
  • Stone + Planet 

Rare Moon Recipes Using Time in Little Alchemy 2

Making a moon out of time is rare and, in other words, difficult because you must access time elements that are above the 101-time elements. You’ll also need some nighttime ingredients to make the moon recipe. This means you need a night to create a moon, and that’s how you make a moon by using a night. Read in detail about how to make a night in Little Alchemy 2 to understand the process.

Night + Earth = Moon

Sky + Time = Moon

Night + Stone = Moon

Nights + Cheese = Moon

Night + Planet = Moon

With Moon You can create 10+ Recipes in little alchemy 2

Owl=Moon + Bird

Eclipse= Moon + Sun

Moth=Moon + Butterfly

Astronaut=Moon + Human

Moon Rover=Moon + Car

Sky=Moon + Sun

Night=Moon + Sky+ Time

Space=Moon + Sun

Finally, we hope that these instructions on how to make the moon in Little Alchemy 2 will help you. And if you have any questions about alchemy in general, please ask. Or we have some links for you below. Thank you.


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