How to Make Sword In Little Alchemy 2 (complete guide)

One of the ancient weapons is the sword. Swords were the primary weapon of choice in the majority of warfare in the ancient world. Swords fit for a king have existed since the beginning of time. Another component of Little Alchemy 2 is a sword. That is why many players of Little Alchemy 2 attempt to create a sword.

However, a lot of them are unaware of how to make a sword. If that describes you, this essay is for you. We must first build a metal and a blade in order to make a sword. Here, we’ll walk you through each stage of creating a sword in Little Alchemy 2.

How to Make Sword In Little Alchemy 2 (complete guide)

Little Alchemy 2 Sword-Making Instructions and tools 

We’ll demonstrate how to craft a sword in Little Alchemy 2 in this tutorial. Start by placing a blade of grass on the table and cutting it in half with a knife. Then, split the blade of grass in half and add an essence of fire to one side and an essence of water to the other, being care to thoroughly combine both halves. Finally, combine the two portions once more before adding an essence of air. Your sword is at hand now. You can use your knife to put some scratches or patterns on the blade of grass to give it a more genuine appearance. Enjoy designing your own sword and have fun!

How to create a sword from scratch in Little Alchemy

A sword is created from scratch using five steps. To begin once again, you can do such by going to Stage 1. You can pick up objects from wherever you are in your Little Alchemy journey if you have already manufactured some of the items in these phases.

  • Lava and Air = Stone
  • Fire and Stone = Metal
  • Earth and Fire = Lava
  • Metal and Stone = Blade
  • Metal and Blade = Sword


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