How to make wood in little alchemy 2- Codes and cheats in 2022

Do you want to know how to make wood in Little Alchemy 2 or the method for making wood? In this blog post, I’ll teach you how to begin entirely from scratch. A valuable item in Little Alchemy 1 is wood. Wood can be used to create a house, a snowboard, a flute, and many other things in 2022.

Little Alchemy is such a short and fun game, and our whole family has grown to adore it. I’d like to demonstrate how to manufacture wood, one of Little Alchemy’s most difficult items. for you in today’s session. We believe in building from the ground up, so everything is possible when you have a clear goal and put your mind to it.

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How to make wood in little alchemy 2
How to make wood in little alchemy 2

Here are all the steps for how to make wood from scratch in Little Alchemy.

How to Make Wood from Scratch in Little Alchemy in 2022

Top 15 Tools- Read and implement carefully Wood from scratch Tools

  • Swamp and Energy = Life
  • Earth and Life = Human
  • Earth and Fire = Lava
  • Earth and Rain = Plant
  • Water and Earth = Mud
  • Air and Water = Rain
  • Air and Stone = Sand
  • Fire and Sand = Glass
  • Glass and Sand = Time
  • Fire and Stone = Metal
  • Human and Metal = Tool
  • Plant and Mud = Swamp
  • Air and Fire = Energy
  • Air and Lava = Stone
  • Time and Tree = Wood

Making Wood in Little Alchemy 2 Game

In Little Alchemy 2, there is only one more step necessary to create wood.

Little Alchemy Wood Making Instructions.

Considering you are already a player:

  • Step 1: Drag TOOL onto the playing board after choosing it from the Elements tab.
  • Step 2: From the Elements panel, choose TREE, and then drag it to the TOOL that you already placed on the playing board in Step 1.

Video Guide


Congratulations. You’ve completed Little Alchemy’s tutorial on making wood.

It’s great to gain some additional knowledge about our natural environment while playing Little Alchemy.

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How to make wood in little alchemy 2 in 2022 Complete Guide

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