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We have the best online horror games selection for you, with everything from spooky horror games to spirit-themed games. We have a wider selection of horror games in which you are welcome to check out!

With our scary games, this horror games collection features ghosts, zombies, ghouls, and a variety of other monsters. If you enjoy getting afraid, you’ll adore slipping around haunted houses and confronting terrifying animals. Go on horror adventures with your colleagues. These used to play a joke on your buddies. We have spooky castles, demon-infested dungeons, and other hideous terrors. Challenge yourself to travel in dark regions in the middle of the night to see how fearless you truly are. Make it to the finish of a mystery maze. Before the ghosts catch up with you.

P.S.  play these free horror online games alone even. If you can play fascinating horror games with others and have twice the fun.

Note!  Games can be played online and for free on your PC, mobile phone, and tablet. Access all the web games from your browser. 

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The Grudge

In this game, a curse is formed. When someone dies with a deep and burning grudge. And when an ordinary housewife was brutally murdered in Nerima, Japan. It unleashed a curse potent. That it threatens to kill at a rate previously imagined.

The Grudge used a common theme. A theme that in its own right is terrifying. A husband killed his wife thinking that she had cheated on him and created a cycle of violence that would never end.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

As an anonymous night guard, you must survive five nights as you are hunted by five animatronics hell-bent on killing you. You are the night guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a Chuck-E-Cheese-styled family restaurant. As the night progresses you are stalked by five animatronic characters looking to kill you.

 Five Nights at Freddy’s is a fiction video horror game. The restaurant is based on Chuck E. Cheese’s, a real restaurant.

Scariest game in the years

Resident Evil 7: Chapter 1 Mia

Resident Evil is a franchise notorious for its complicated and even absurd backstory. Only a few games in the series are direct sequels, and the majority of them may be played without much knowledge of the series’ larger narrative or setting. However, knowing what’s going on is quite beneficial. This is especially true for Resident Evil Village. A direct sequel to Resident Evil 7 that involves a handful of the same characters. While being situated in a completely new area.

If you’ve never played Resident Evil 7 (you should, it’s frightening), you’re in for a treat. You could attempt to squeeze in 12 hours of playing before beginning Village. Or you could simply read our tale primer.

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Pacify is a multiplayer horror game with a quick tempo. Players are PAH, Inc. (Paranormal Activity Helpers Incorporated) personnel dispatched to investigate a scary property reported to have been a funeral parlor of sorts that gave the opportunity to speak with recently dead loved ones.
Pacify is a multiplayer horror game in which you and your team take on the role of a group of paranormal investigators who definitely do not get paid enough. You’ve been assigned to examine a residence that some think is haunted by paranormal phenomena. When you arrive. You will discover a slew of dolls and a scary little girl.

Pacify-gameplay Trailer

Outlast – Whistleblower

Red Barrels created and released Outlast, a first-person survival horror video game. Miles Upshur, a freelance investigative journalist, chooses to explore a distant psychiatric facility called Mount Massive Asylum, which is nestled deep in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado.

Outlast – Whistleblower Offical Teaser


The plot of the game centers around a supernatural event that F.E.A.R. — a fictional special forces team— is tasked with containing. The player takes on the position of F.E.A.R.’s Point Man, who has superhuman reflexes and is tasked with uncovering the mysteries of a paranormal threat in the shape of Alma, a young girl.

Fear Offical Teaser


Phasmophobia, or the fear of ghosts, can be difficult to identify. Many individuals get a rush of fear. While related ghost stories. Or seeing movies about ghosts and other supernatural beings. Most people are able to regulate their fear, and some even love the sensation it produces.

Phasmophobia Teaser watch it

7 Days to Die

The idea of 7 Days to Die is reasonable: it’s a sandbox zombie survival game that transforms into a tower defense strategy as the light goes down and larger zombie hordes attack, with each day advancing to worse nights.
7 Days to Die is an online horror games voxel-based sandbox game with an open world that combines the greatest components of FPS, Survival Horror, RPG, and Tower Defense games. You play as a survivor stuck in the violent zombie-infested environment of Navezgane County, Arizona, one of the world’s few real Edens.

7 days to die trailer

Friday the 13th: The Game

The game is an asymmetrical multiplayer video game. That played by up to eight participants in a single gaming session. One player is chosen at random to control Jason Voorhees. Whose goal is to eliminate. As many counselors as possible. Before the time runs out.

Until Dawn

This horror game is an interactive drama. In which players take on the role of eight young people. Who must live on Blackwood Mountain? Til they were rescued at the dawn. An in-game system maintains track of all plot hints and mysteries uncovered by players, even across numerous playthroughs.
Supermassive Games: Developer(s).
Interactive drama: Genre.
Will Byles and Nik Bowen: Directors.

Until Dawn
Until Dawn

The Forest

In The Forest, players take control of Eric LeBlanc. Who must live on a wooded peninsula in pursuit of his son? Timmy following a catastrophic plane accident. They are also afraid of fire. Occasionally avoid approaching the player if a campfire or torch is close.

The Forest trailer

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game. In Which one player assumes the character of the ruthless killer. And the other four players play as Survivors attempting to flee the Killer. And avoids to killed.


Slender man must die: Industrial Waste

The game revolves around an unnamed guy. Who is being pursued by the Slender Man Through the woods? While looking for eight papers placed around major landmarks. Mark J. Hadley built the game as an experiment. The experiment was a success, and Slender acquired massive popularity after going viral. 3

The plot and Story 3 is a top-down strategy game with tower defense features in which you build and defend your fortress. Collect resources and try to stay alive in the post-apocalyptic world. Defend against zombie raids on live towns. You must build defense towers and supply routes from one base to the next. 3 has a single-player campaign as well as a multiplayer option.

YorG 3

Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies is a puzzle shooting game. If you enjoy physics, shooting, riddles, and despise zombies, this is the game for you. In Stupid Zombies, you play as Soot, a shotgun-wielding hero who is humanity’s final hope against the oncoming hordes of Zombies. Soot fights alone against the never-ending floods of zombies. With only a limited supply of ammo to do so, Soot will need your aid to utilize every last bullet. And ensure he can rack up several hits with one shot in order to properly halt the phalanx of zombie troops.

Stupid Zombies

Swat vs. Zombies

Play as a hero the city needs as you try to take down as many zombies as possible. Earn cash money to use on weapon upgrades and ammo as you attempt to survive as long as possible. Blast away wave after wave of undead as you try to be the hero you always knew you could be in this epic online zombie shooting game.

Troll Face Quest- Horror 1

This online horror game can you escape the memes. Troll face Quest is back and this time it’s all about horror movies. This game uses the basic troll face quest game mechanisms but has a fantastic horror theme. It features memes from famous horror movies such as Scream and Ana bell.

The horror episode of the famous Troll Face Quest series! Enjoy various scenes from your favorite movies and find a way to solve them

Troll Face Quest- Horror_Gameplay

Masked Forces Zombie Survival

Take to the streets once more in this excellent sequel to online horror games Masked Forces. Instead of battling other players, you must contend with hordes of undead! Join forces with players from all over the world to wipe out the zombie infestation using a variety of weapons. To dispatch the undead, use a handgun, a knife, or even a machine gun. Keep an eye out for zombie hounds as well, since they are quicker and more dangerous!

Scary Granny House

Scary Granny Hotel is a first-person online horror games escape game available for free on In this tense game, you must awaken inside an abandoned hospital, which appears to be a horrific crime scene, and escape alive.

Find a way out of that dreadful environment. Without being detected by the killer grandma. Who can’t seem to quit seeking for her next victim. Of course, you must avoid making any noise or she will come after you, so take care not to collide with any items around you. Have fun and good luck while playing Scary Granny Hotel, a free online game.

Squid Game: Red Light Green Light

Red Light Squid Game Green Light is a fun game based on the Netflix Squid Game series. The feature of this game is stopping when the doll rotates.

The entire game will go in this manner. You will be allow to approach the doll. Only if the green light is beat on. When this light bulb becomes red, you must instantly stop running else, you will be shot by people manage you from the battlefield’s edge.

Squid game-redgreenlight

Horror Hospital Escape Granny Game

You can play online Horror Hospital Escape Granny Game Online Horror games which is an escape game. On Fighting Games, you can play Horror Hospital Escape Granny Game in your browser for free. The little girl haunted by dreams and fear. There is just one way out of this horror that is threatening her mental health. Face the facts! Of course, the young man will not leave the girl alone, and our narrative picks up where it left off. Music that is one-of-a-kind and absolutely free.

Grandma online trailer


Let Me Out  Room Escape is a online horror game.


click 3D escape game in which you are lock in the room of a lunatic. You just have 20 minutes until he returns to escape. Will you be able to make it out alive


Momo Horror Story is a first-person survival horror game in a big house. The owner of the house receives a message from Momo that tells you that she is already here and ready to become your living and last nightmare. Be careful and try to survive before the police arrives.


This is an asymmetrical card game in which one player (the Creature) competes with the stranded adventurers (the Hunted).

If you play as one of the Hunted, you will use Place cards to explore Artemia. You strive to evade and confuse or distract the Creature. By playing these and Survival cards until aid comes.

You will hunt and chase the stranded survivors. If you play as the Creature. You aim to wear down the Hunted and absorb them to the planet forever by playing your Hunt cards and employing the mystical abilities of Artemia.

Not alone trailer#1


that’s a wrap of our most play online horror games. You can play them online some of them you can download. Each game has a play button in it. Games you can enjoy it and some of them is little scary but u some them.

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