Pubg Announcement:Free to play in Jan 2022

PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS IS going free to play ( F2P)

The Pubg Announcement free-to-play period begins on January 12, 2022, and Pubg anticipates a large number of new Survivors on the Battlegrounds. you are a seasoned PUBG player or new to the game, you’ll want to go over to our official f2p site to pre-register and collect some tasty giveaways. The includes materials for newbie players to help them establish their own play style and win their first Chicken Dinner.

pubg battleground is going free to play in Jan 2022

You are heard right, no more rumors are required. they have arrived at the following development for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS as they change to an allowed-to-play model. They dropped the bomb at The Game Awards and assuming you weren’t tuned in, you can investigate how They conveyed this surprising news:

For their Seasoned Survivors: Battleground plus

Switching to F2P will bring about hundreds of new changes plus a number of bonuses. We want to take excellent care of you if you’ve been a PUBG player for a long time as a way of saying thank you for your participation and dedication.

All players who played the game before will have the PUBG SPECIAL rewards. which includes a free 2 play and other in-game prizes to win.

PUBG Free2play  – Special rewards

battle-ground plus f2p

Free rewards

Costume skin set

Legacy Corset

Legacy Jacket

Gloves legacy

Pants legacy

Legacy Boots

Shackle and Shanks Legacy – Pan

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