PUBG Battleground become 1st most played game on steam.

PUBG Battleground is now the 1st most popular playedd game on Steam. This month the PlayStation arrangement wass published as a free-to-play game. PUBG 1st most played game on steam.

A digital distribution platform for PC gaming On Steam. Krafton’s battle royal shooter PUBG Battlegrounds topped the most played games ranking on Thursday. According to Krafton. The number of system users more than doubled. When the game become free-to-play on Wednesday. With a peak of 660,000.

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PUBG 1st most played game on steam.
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In 2017 PUBG released. PUBG was exclusively available on PC in 2017. However As the game proceeded. it became increasingly difficult to keep up. The mobile version released On February 9, 2018. This year also saw the introduction of the IOs version. Brendon Studio is the official designer of PUBG. This game published by the Krafton corporation.

PUBG: NEW STATE Download on the App Store – Apple

New State in PUBG

Getting off an aircraft on a lonely 808 island named Troi, the game’s primary map, to grab supplies and battle it out for survival. With the last one standing being the winner. Troi landed in the northern United States in the year 2051. In a future setting with futuristic buildings, architecture, and monuments.

New State will have interactive items and structures with destructible windows and doors, as well as the ability to switch between first-person (FPP) and third-person (TPP) viewpoints. PUBG 1st most played game on steam.

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