The 55 Worst Video Games Of All Time-Playzola 2022

We all of us enjoy playing video games. They’ve been a part of our life for a long time. But let’s admit it, not every game is brilliant. Every gamer has a story about the Worst Video Games game they’ve ever played.

We take a look at a couple of these well-known titles. Here 55 very worst video games on pc ever created.

What makes an awful video game?

What separates a terrific game like red useless Redemption 2 from one. Which has multiple sports crashes now not even an hour into the sport? I want it to become cut-and-dry trouble. However, there are a lot of factors. That could flip a game from the first-rate to horrible through violating certain recreation mechanics.

The 55 Worst Video Games Of All Time-Playzola 2022
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Games with bad graphics are bad games.

When it comes to the senses. Gamers aree given adventures that alter our perceptions of sight and sound. Fortunately for us, graphics are improving all the time. And what we thought were futuristic graphics in 2006 now appear like stone age cave drawings.

I’m not generally one to whine about bad visuals. But certain games are simply unsalvageable. When a game has poor visuals. It accomplishes something in the gaming industry that is almost criminal. It disrupts immersion.

Immersion is a major reason why we play video games in the first place. We want to get away from the actual world and visit mythical places, filthy city streets, and the great outdoors.

55-Aliens Colonial Marines

The Alien series is one of my favorites. It really is why I wass thrilled to learn. That they have been growing a first-character shooter primarily based on the series. I’m now not a huge fan of preorders. Soo, I used to be fascinated to pay attention to what the reviewers had to mention after it turned out.

I used to be hoping to see some Alien blood and gore. It seems that now not ordering ahead of time can prevent cash. In this situation, I controlled to avoid the metaphorical bullet.

Aliens  Colonial Marines, which changed into launched in 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and laptop. Turned into any such sadness that Alien fans all the world over so enraged. So monumentally outraged, that they filed a lawsuit against the sport’s designers.


The game’s dreary black and white color scheme get antique short. And the bloody, relentless violence, even as truly flashy, can get antique extremely speedy. A recreation with that an awful lot limitless cringy edginess has no commercial enterprise being this one-notice.

It changed into announced in 2014 for a 2015 launch on Steam. However, it removed from the platform for its darkish tone and graphic violence. Alas for the gaming public. It put lower back on Steam quickly thereafter.

I assume it would have been better if it weree canceled. If I desired to listen to such lame, edgy one-liners. I’m able to just wander into my nearest mall’s warm topic.

53- 50 Cent: Bulletproof

Sure, you the participant receive to control the mythical wordsmith 50 Cent on this sport. With lyrical swagger rivaling that of Shakespeare. 50 Cent partakes in something old Willy never did: extraordinarily stupid and formulaic gunplay.

I’m able to help but a question. That Bulletproof turned into stimulated by way of titles like Max Payne. And different actiony gun titles like useless to Rights. If they had just tweaked the gameplay to be halfway respectable, it wouldn’t even see this listing.

Alas for those who offered it on Xbox, PS2, and no such luck?

52-ET: Extra-Terrestrial

Some of the first genuinely excellent games were released on the Atari 2600. One of them wasn’t this. You play as the lovable ET in this game inspired by the movie.

However, due to a ridiculously tight time limit for programming the game, it was unplayable by today and 1980s standards.

There’s even a rumor that the rest of the game’s copies were buried in the New Mexico desert.

Hundreds of thousands of Atari cartridges are involved. This is one of the worst since it harmed Atari’s reputation. As well as the reputation of video games in general.

51- Superman 64

I remember driving home from the game keep as a 9-year-vintage. Geared up to play this cool new superhero sport based on the animated tv Superman.

It even had equal art fashion, which was pretty cool. I additionally couldn’t wait to fly around. regrettably for me, however, was that the flying in the game become trash.

Come to consider it, the rest became trash too. I was stuck on the primary level the complete time. It is able to sound embarrassing however hear me out.

It places you within the position of Superman as he stupidly weaves his way through hoops. Even as Lex Luthor laughs like a fool. Your time limit to this so is unforgivingly brief, and the flying mechanics are, of direction, terrible.

All of this while flying around one of the worst metropolis environments ever created. It became empty, dead, and unpleasant.

50-Ride to Hell: Retribution

Who wouldn’t want a sport with an mindset, one that evoked imagery from the 1969 bike drama smooth Rider? properly, look once more, because this recreation is a bike break.

almost the whole lot in the sport is broken. The fight and AI are laughably horrific, it’s riddled with bugs and system defects, the voice performing is horrific via even the bottom standards, and it clearly looks as if the developer simply gave up midway thru.

It became released for Xbox 360, computer, and PS3

49-Shaq Fu

I’ll give you three guesses as to what this sport pertains to okay, excellent. It’s miles actually the legendary basketball participant Shaquille O’Neal’s fantasy preventing recreation. Sure, the ones are phrases I said, and I stand by way of them. consider being at that pitch assembly.

Shaq Fu has the participant control of Shaq as he travels to some other international earlier than the ‘huge sport’. He desires to get lower back, but he desires to overcome. These combatants using fighting styles that I’m assuming most basketball greats don’t have.

To be truthful, this recreation isn’t recognized for its realism. It’s miles considered one of the worst video games EA ever made. I can’t be mad at Shaq though, he’s too humorous and loveable.

Unbelievably, a sequel became Kickstarted and released in 2018. In contrast to the primary recreation, you’re in reality capable of play this one. But, users say that the comic story is getting older and that it simply doesn’t break any new obstacles. Repetitive combat, similar to the primary, is a large trouble.

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48- Daikatana

while gaming icon John Romero, is chargeable for classics like Doom and Wolfenstein three-D. Set out on his very own to make his very own sport. The hype became at an all-time high. We have been going to get a badass sport that would be like Doom but more insane.
could you imagine? matters commenced getting weird however when the tagline came out in an ad: ‘John Romero Will Make You His bitch’. Um, okay?
whatever, I’m positive the sport will still be cool. Romero was like a rock superstar. but, the frustration turned into mammoth upon release.
After a troubled improvement, the finished product. Became extra like the shell of a sport instead of a final, polished product. Pronouncing the AI is horrible would be doing the AI a prefer.
You would be higher off by myself with how a good deal your teammates wander off, don’t reply. Or get killed all through themselves due to terrible scripting errors.
It changed into launched for N64 and laptop, with every other odd launch on Gameboy coloration. I experience terrible for John Romero’s legacy being tarnished by way of this turd of a recreation. And to be truthful, Romero has on the grounds that stated that the unusual tagline wasn’t his concept and was honestly quite against it

47- The Guy Game

This is an odd one because it isn’t exactly a traditional game in the sense that we know it. This is the type of ‘game’ that a strange, sexist uncle could devise.

It was a quiz game in which the females would answer the questions and then undress. That is the entire situation. The entire crux of the game is boobs.

We may be able to forgive if it ended there. However, one of the game’s female characters was under the age of 18. As a result, the girl’s family filed a lawsuit against the game company. This game has a similar mood to one of the later titles on the list.

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46- Friday the 13th

Just some other case of film tie-in games no longer handing over, Friday the 13th as a game has so much promise. However now not this one. That is absolutely a baffling one.
The insects, as well as the unfair overpowered Jason, makes this game stressful past belief. You kill enemies and make your manner along Camp Crystal Lake, until the massive horrific, Jason, arrives.
right good fortune getting beyond him, because he’s nigh on invincible and will have you ever tearing your hair out. when you get a recreation over, you get the classic words ‘YOU AND YOUR buddies ARE dead.

45- Hotel Mario

yet any other Philips CD-I release, resort Mario does what the CD-I Legend of Zelda titles did however made it come what may even worse. You want to solve puzzles on this game, however, they’re dreadfully uninteresting, and the whole recreation tarnishes the legacy of Mario.
Like with Zelda, the cutscenes had been ridiculous animations which have had extra lifestyles being the butt of internet jokes than they ever were played.

44- The CD-I Legend of Zelda

On the internet, these games have developed a rather infamous reputation. I’m sure you’ve seen a bad animation and heard the awful voice acting from these titles at some point.

These were side-scrolling games with respectable playability, but not up to the level of a Zelda game.

Gone is the wordless Link, and in his place is a tremendously unpleasant, goofy protagonist who constantly whines and makes strange noises. When talking about them, IGN’s Peer Schneider summed it up perfectly: For all the wrong reasons, they’re entertaining.

43- Lula 3D

inside the equal vein as leisure suit Larry, Lula 3D is an ‘erotic’ adventure sport. You’re taking on the role of Lula, a buxom blonde pornographic actor, Who needs to rescue her kidnapped costars.

if you’re in some way nonetheless fascinated. Perhaps the mediocre gameplay and puzzles will change your mind.

It appears like its humor is aimed at middle schoolers and it’s super cringy. It is released for home windows.

42-Charlie’s Angels

This became a tie-in recreation to the film, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. It even highlighted the vocal talents of the movie’s stars. sadly, like many movie video games, this one fell flat.

boring gameplay, bad design, and repetitive preventing techniques married this from turning into respectable film tie-ins.

41- No Man’s Sky

The tragic tale of our time, No guy’s Sky become promised to revolutionize gameplay. Adding a whole new level of exploration and imagination to video games.

You were capable of flying a spaceship to exceptional worlds and galaxies. Exploring the wild one-of-a-kind biomes and ecosystems. You could additionally do that with buddies.

however, upon release, it became quite simply apparent. That No guy’s Sky was now not the game all of us became looking forward to.

Exploring planets changed into dull, The photographs have been underwhelming as compared to what changed into marketing. And irrespective of how tough a few human beings attempted. They couldn’t locate their friends in the game.

human beings have said. That the sport has got better given. That its vast updates and developer tweaks. However, No man’s Sky has come to be notorious for false marketing in games.


In his evaluation for Amy, Jeff Cork wrote, “Make no mistake: whether [Amy] is brought to you through download, retail SKU, direct brain wave, or retinal implant, it’s far horrible and have to be prevented.”

It takes region at some stage in a zombie-kind infection. And it’s one recreation on the way to never find its manner to our list. The satisfactory Zombie video games of all time. It become critiqued for system faults, clunky controls, voice-performing, sports layout, and so much more. Don’t play with Amy.

39-Gravity games bike: road Vert dust

The title of this recreation is a mouthful and looks like it is missing some commas or something. That’s becoming, for the reason that the sport itself is lacking masses, too. Little such things as polish, playability, and amusing.

builders seem to have forgotten. That there is a motive Tony Hawk’s seasoned Skater. Become this sort of revelation: because video games like this aren’t smooth to get right. And are terrible some distance extra frequently than they’re proper. Alas, even in a post-THPS global in which there was a clean template to follow. Most still failed to even come close to getting it right. Eventually, neither did the later Tony Hawk games.

38-Postal III

it is always elaborate for people to in reality criticize a game series like Postal. Which become mainly created to rail towards political correctness and conventionally appropriate flavor. Bashing a Postal sport must suggest you simply do not “get it,”. Or are too sensitive and effortlessly angry to experience something subversive.

Of course, there are plenty of games that wade into such waters. But nonetheless, manipulate to certainly be desirable video games. Grand robbery automobile, dead or Alive, MadWorld, and Bayonetta are all evidence of that. No, humans bash Postal– and especially the long-delayed and in the long run. Still now not absolutely finished the third installment. Due to the fact they fail to truly be clearly top or functionally thrilling games beneath all the crassness.

37-Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade

The name own Family Party 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade simply appears like random phrases strung together. It is becoming, due to the fact, an actual recreation is a group of components. That epitomizes a bad online game, randomly strung collectively.

Amusingly, the circle of relatives party’s Wikipedia page has a sub-header for “accolades,”. But clicking on it exhibits that the “accolades” are ScrewAttack’s worst Wii U recreation and worst universal game of 2013. It truly is fair, as a recreation this horrific ought to be thankful. That all people even discussed it in any respect following its launch. It must have been in the end erased from the recollections of everybody who played it.

36- Ride To Hell: Retribution

Ride to Hell: Retribution, a sport titled like a sequel although it isn’t always one. Becomes seemingly trying to capitalize at the tv show Sons of Anarchy which was warm at the time. The problem is that GTAIV growth percent The misplaced and the Damned already did that, and did it lots better.

No person would actually have mentioned or given experience to Hell the time of day. Once it becomes apparent how lousy it become have been it is not for the hilariously bad scenes. Which looks thoroughly absurd.


Video games that are essentially glorified advertising have a long history. And they aren’t necessarily a failure. Cool Spot and Beetle Adventure Racing are examples of how designing a game solely on a real brand can still result in an excellent product.

The Yaris, on the other hand, is a prime illustration of how disastrous a promotional video game can be. It is total broken, tough, and offer no simple achievements. Even as a free game, it is too pricey. And when it eventually removed from Xbox Live Arcade, no one cried.

34- Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

We apologize for this screenshot of Box Office Bust’s scary Larry Laffer. Especially if you were having lunch while scrolling through it. One of Box Office Bust’s numerous flaws is that. It is one of the few pieces of video from the game that is suitable to post.

The appeal of classic Larry games was that they largely hinted at “action.”. Box Office Bust is a soft-core pornographic game with a cast of ladies. With beach balls for chests that abandons any delicacy. Naughty comedy may be truly entertaining, as American Pie demonstrated; nevertheless, Box Office Bust demonstrates that it can also be quite the reverse.

33-Vroom Night sky

This sport has the phrase “vroom” in its identity. What else is there to mention, truly? The probabilities are Vroom in the nighttime Sky the sport on this list that the fewest quantity of people has heard of. It was one of the first batches of indie video games for the Nintendo switch. it’d have seemed like we have been long beyond the times of the rushed, half of-completed launch window video games, but Vroom in the nighttime Sky proved that that way of life is alive and properly.

32- Alone In The Dark: Illumination

The uniqueness on my own in the dark turned into groundbreaking. When it become released way back in 1992, placing a great deal of the templates. That Resident Evil might finally comply with (and get far extra credit score for). Next sequels followed in 1993 and 1994. And have been frequently greater of the equal– however in a good way.

After that, the collection took a protracted smash till its 2001 resurrection. And has by no means truly been all that noteworthy seeing that. In truth, the three “present-day” video games have got step by step worse. With 2015’s laptop-exclusive Illumination being the worst thing. That happened to the franchise for the reason that Tara Reid/Christian Slater movie adaptation

31- SPOGS Racing

This is a racing series created by SPOGS.

Overall WiiWare was Nintendo’s unsuccessful attempt to bring a digital shop to the Wii. Once it became clear that it required. Nintendo did very little to market the service, and it did much less to organize it in a logical manner. There was a lot of good material on there; you just had to discover it.

Even still, when WiiWare closes down later this month. It’ll be a tragedy since dozens upon dozens of titles that were formerly unique to the service will simply vanish. On the plus side, it’ll also signal the end of a bunch of poor games. Such as WiiWare’s ultimate worst game: SPOGS Racing is a gyroscopic racer.

30-Deal or No deal

while recreation suggests are normally ideal for adapting into video games. Deal or No Deal isn’t. It’s gradual-pace and involves quite a few fillers of Howie talking to the contestant. The contestant talking to his family, And Howie speaking to the banker. The actual “motion” in a regular episode of Deal or No Deal only lasts approximately 90 seconds.
This interprets as an extremely stupid video game. No longer that online game suggests commonly involve prevailing actual prizes anyway. However, the stakes are ninety-nine% of what makes the show interesting to look at– inside the absence of that. You’ree simply left with a game of random chance without a payoff.

29-Afro Samurai 2: Revenge Of Kuma

It’s now not very often that recreation is so bad. That its developer now not simplest publicly apologizes for it, stops promoting it, and without delay cancels already-in-vicinity sequel plans. But also gives refunds to anybody who has already purchased it. All of this is precisely what happened with the disappointing name Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma.

The developer as opposed to Evil’s well-known supervisor didn’t mince words Announcing flat out, “the game turned into a failure”. He also admitted that it wasn’t even a reliance on recreation. That became full of bugs and system defects, alternatively admitting. “Humans just didn’t like it.” regrettably. Doing all of that still doesn’t erase the opinions the ones stay for all time.

28-Star Wars Battlefront II

This isn’t always the Battlefront II that is widely recognized as one of the greatest tactical shooters ever made. This is the only that induced worldwide playing court cases. You need to make a truly offensive recreation in case. You’re going to get states and other international locations to begin searching into whether or not or not that game. You simply posted is clearly a downloadable on line casino. Different agencies get to spoil complete ecosystems and economies with oil spills. And they get better PR than EA did after they tricked youngsters into mortgaging their dad and mom. Homes in pursuit of better rated big name playing cards.

The Worst Video Games part become, this recreation likely might had been fun. If it got a extra conventional release. A instantly up and down tactical shooter set inside the superstar Wars universe is something people have consistently paid loads of money for and had a ton of fun playing. But as quickly as you allow a few chickens hit wealthy child purchase his manner to the number one slot in your leaderboards. You must know you made something awful.

27-Ninjabread Man

Ninja bread Man is a fictional character. It’s tough to express our vehement dislike for gimmicky indie games into words, but let’s try. “What if one unconnected thing was actually a totally different, equally unrelated thing?” cannot be the entire concept for a game. “What if a gingerbread guy was a ninja?” is the basis of this game, for example. That’s some scumbag scribbling right there. You shouldn’t be able to push a joke on your customers and expect them to buy your goods. That artificially devalues all of the excellent video game writing that exists, and there is a lot of it.

26- The Walking Dead : Survival Instinct

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct should have probably vanished into the abyss of botched tie-ins. It’s a terrible video game that no one should recall. But it’s one of two Walking Dead video game franchises, and the other (the Telltale one) is so fantastic that its presence reminds every one of the time Activision tried to dupe gamers by pandering to their love of the Dixon brothers. This isn’t a war crime of a game, but it’s a lot worse than the Telltale version.


RAGE was very just like Enemy front in that we don’t recall anything about it beyond. It being completely too uninteresting for its setting. From our studies, we discovered out it’s a publish-apocalyptic Earth. However look, if you have a recreation set in the world after humanity is nearly worn out via an asteroid. And there’s nothing that grabs our attention in the first hour and we have to do cursory follow up studies. You may now not have finished the excellent you can with the cloth supplied.

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24- Enemy Front

Enemy Front isn’t inherently the Worst Video game; it only commits one major offence against excellent gameplay, which is to make World War II seem uninteresting. Take it a step farther and claim it makes the Polish Resistance during WWII tedious. Despite the fact that the Polish Resistance was one of the most active, successful, and hard-fighting resistance groups in history, and the largest resistance group active during the Nazi Reich, this game treats them as if “conflict” and “urgency” were things Americans had to import to occupied Poland. We didn’t even make it through the first hour of the game, which makes us feel like we were implicated in Poland’s Nazi occupation, which we don’t enjoy.

23- The Talos principle

The worst part approximately The Talos principle is that the center game isn’t that horrific at all. In fact, it’s a stable puzzle platformer set in visually lovely environments. in which it becomes a worst recreation is in its tale. this is easily, a long way and away, without a touch of hyperbole or sarcasm, the most self-indulgent, condescending piece of trash narrative we’ve ever stumbled into. What we idea turned into going to be a a laugh, plotless distraction turned into us getting lectured via the game’s stand-in for the Christian God. They even stick you in cathedrals even as the omnipresent voice lectures you about the hubris of guy, the dangers of self-consciousness, and how powerful AI ought to emerge as if people could just get out of the manner.

To be fair, we published approximately this on Steam boards awhile lower back and a programmer responded with the coding metaphor he took from it. His put up became fascinating, but when a man on a public forum does a higher process of explaining your sport than you did after sledgehammering the player within the face with monotheism and omnipotence, your writing may want to use a few paintings.

22- Ashes Cricket 2013

Video games may be extremely good instructors; they can provide a glimpse into sports activities you’ve never attempted, worlds you’ve in no way seen. Ashes Cricket 2013 might have been a perfect device for coaching many unusual human beings what cricket is all about, but instead the game falls flat on its glitchy, buggy face. whilst the developer offers refunds to all of us who purchased the sport, as they did with Ashes Cricket Worst Video Games, you recognize there are massive problems.

Trickstar games tried to construct a state-of-the-art device from the floor as much as seize every aspect of the sport of cricket, however nothing that they created labored at all. The glitches were so bad that primary movements are made not possible at factors because of a few massive, sport-breaking bugs. the game handiest lasted for 4 days on Steam earlier than being taken down, and we do not assume nicely ever see it officially released again.

21- Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Sonic 2006 was supposed to be a celebration of SEGA’s mascots’ 15th anniversary, but it turned out to be a representation of the franchise’s awful monster. The once-proud monarch of rapid action platforming epitomised how far the powerful may fall in this scene (were talking Spinal Tap proportions).

Three things that Triple-A titles should avoid at all costs: a jittery camera, a bad collision, and an uninspired (and even frightening) plot. The true fault here, though, is Sonic’s lack of enjoyment. If the long list of Sonic games from the last 10 years or so isn’t enough to scare you away from the character, just one hour of Sonic 2006 Worst Video Games will suffice.

20- Little Britain

Let us begin by saying that the United Kingdom is a fantastic country with amazing people, so please don’t let this game put you off to the entire country. Little Britain is a BBC comedy sketch programme, and someone thought it would be a good idea to make a video game adaptation of one of the episodes. We sincerely disagree with your assessment, as this game is truly dreadful.



Rambo has to have translated well into the online game international. The movie follows a person being hunted via the government and fighting back. Which we gamers have visible masses of times earlier than. And this is not some 8-bit crapfest both it got here out in 2014. While humans must realize better. why then is the official Rambo version this sort of unhappiness. It have to have been Stallone’s best gaming hour. As an alternative it become a huge  letdown.

18- Girl Fight

 The reasons for the design of Girl Fight are immediately obvious as the game starts. This isn’t supposed to be a well-balanced fighting game with an all-female cast; it’s supposed to be a T&A show with all the worst stereotypes possible. We’d give the game a passing grade if the fighting was even remotely balanced, but that’s not the case here.

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17-Batman: Dark Tomorrow

The struggle is won Ras-Al-Ghul is defeated. The ending cinematic rolls and Al Ghul’s bombs detonate, killing 1/3 of the human race.

Oh proper, for the nice ending, there’s a sign Batman need to disarm before beating Al Ghul. But now not once in the course of Batman is the player informed of this. The game additionally be afflicted by horrible combat mechanics and a camera that makes Epic Mickeys appear to be cinematography genius. But this unknown project is truly unforgivable.


Mortal Kombat employs digital actors to create its characters, giving the game a ‘we’re fighting real people’ visual flair that fans adored. 

Other titles attempted to emulate this concept, but most of them failed miserably. 

The PC-exclusive Catfight, also known as the Ultimate Femme Fatale Fighting Game, is at the bottom of the list of flops, a game that is everything from ultimate.

15- Blackwater

Quick! Make a list of the obvious features you’d expect to see in a current video game shooter. And we’ll check if they’re there in 505 Studios’ POS Blackwater Checkpoints. Nope, I’ll have to start over. There are a lot of foes to fight? No, unless you consider five to be a large number. What do you mean by immersive environments. They would have been during the Commodore 64 period. At the very least. Kinect technology that’s been well-implemented. You’re just being foolish right.

14- Drake of the 99 Dragons

The tale makes zero feel, with finishing as unsatisfying because the NES one screen then credit days. The digital camera is awful; 1/2 the time you cannot see what you’re taking pictures at. Worst of all the combat is glacially gradual and the visuals are flavorless, leaving nothing for any player to enjoy. What we’re trying to mention is this: in case you’re playing this game I sense horrific for you son, it’s got 99 dragons but it’s were given no amusing.

13- Mortal Kombat Advance

There have been many ups and downs in the Mortal Kombat franchise over the years, but none quite like the vomit that ended up on the Gameboy Advance in 2001.

It’s also really challenging. The clunky, sluggish controls will not stand up to the unrelenting computer-controlled attackers, even in the beginner list of AI opponents. Seriously It’s a mess.

12- Homie Rollerz

The “Homies,” a racially stereotyped brainchild of an ex-LA gang member who intended to educate the kids of America the consequences of being pumped full of lead in urban settings, were apparently franchised from dolls found in vending machines throughout numerous grocery store empires (or so the story goes).

11- Fugitive Hunter

Fugitive Hunter is a fake for a second. That a video game approximately brawling with Osama bin encumbered turned into a terrific concept (it wasn’t). And that the arena needed any other navy FPS within the early 2000s it fail. You’d think Black Ops entertainment would have at least waited a tad longer to cash in one of the worst intervals in American history. We don’t accept as true with Black Ops meant for Fugitive Hunter: warfare on Terror to be an offensive chapter in video gaming records. But it however controlled to squander its patriotic street cred on a recreation that seems like it had been pulled from a bunker.

10- Club Drive

We may want to make a super case for why the membership force is so bad. Just by using saying that it became an Atari Jaguar specific. However, even as most of the Jaguar’s lineup did not satisfy the dozens of humans that bought it. Club power is in a league all its own. Most of the opposite Jaguar games are ugly or have awful controls membership power has each after which a few.

9- Superman The New Adventures

We could start by making a clever remark about how video games are Superman’s kryptonite, but that would take considerably more ingenuity and work than Titus Software put into this N64 mouth-fart. Superman: The New Adventures (aka Superman 64) managed to hunt out everything fascinating about being an immortal demi-god and send them to the Phantom Zone of missed potential, presumably drawing quality cues from the dreadful Atari 2600 Superman game.

8-  Metal Gear Survive

The  Metal Gear series is a franchise that is respected with marvel as real paintings of artwork built up through the years by way of master developer and auteur Hideo Kojima. every game changed the manner we look at video games and challenged us, gamers, and those. whilst he left Konami, he didn’t get to take it with him and what came subsequent become metallic tools continue to exist. This motion-adventure survival game changed into multi-participant with tower protection and stealth-mechanics where gamers were trapped in some other dimension and attacked with the aid of crystal zombies.

7- Star Wars Battlefront 2

It’s not often that gamers have enough clout to make a difference in the business. One of such occasions was in Battlefront 2. A game that was meant to make up for its predecessor’s flaws actually made things worse. While the single-player gameplay was unsatisfactory, the loot boxes were the worst offender. Progress in the PvP was coupled to a pay-to-win structure, clearly imitating FIFA. Players that purchased loot boxes were able to acquire an advantage over their opponents as a result.

6-Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 ended a reign as the eighth-worst PlayStation 4 game of all time. The game’s major flaw was that it was riddled with errors from top to bottom, making it a chore to even try to playIn comparison to prior games, fans also claimed that the level designs were bland and dull. So, what went wrong with the fifth and final installment of a cherished franchise? Due to the expiration of Tony Hawk’s contract with Activision, the last few months of development were hurried. Rushing the creation of a game is never a good idea.

5- Game of Thrones Video Game

You’d think that with the success of Game of Thrones, a video game version would be a smash! Movies or TV series to video games, on the other hand, never fully work out. Game of Thrones attempted to avoid this by having the storyline take place concurrently with season one, with a few supporting

4- Alone In The Dark: Illumination

The worst game of 2015.  The game series was influential in the development of survival horror games, however, this specific installment was a complete catastrophe.

Despite being a well-known property, the game’s aesthetics were terrible, but it wasn’t the only flaw. Everything about it looked hurried in order to keep up with the franchise’s growth, and it fell short in every category.

3- Grand Theft Auto 3 The Definitive Edition

This was supposed to be a no-brainer ticket to one of the year’s finest games.

The Definitive Edition was riddled with flaws, missing music, and other issues that damaged one of gaming’s greatest masterpieces. It’s sometimes best to just let things be.

2- Dungeons & Dragons

It’s a buggy game that might have used a few more years in the oven before becoming something exceptional. Instead, it features dreadful fighting and no backbone in the form of a storyline.

This isn’t the worst game of the year, but it’s the most disappointing. Although Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance offers playable multiplayer, it merely adds to the game’s boredom.

1- Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is an instance of just how difficult it’s far to make recreation in 2021. so much of this sport was lacking. It’s one thing to now not be quite, however, the sport’s animations have been manner off, and its RPG structures weren’t all that incredible both. It attempts to go between stealth and hardcore action gameplay and doesn’t do either of them in particular properly. the sport begins to get vintage quick

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