Top 10 Games Like Genshin Impact 2023

We have your back. As a massively popular booster pack RPG with a large cast of characters available for collection, games like Genshin Impact have swept the globe.

Nowadays, there is a tonne of games like Genshin Impact! You’ve come to the perfect location if you want that Zelda-inspired anime atmosphere all day, every day.

The Genshin Impact is quite possibly the most well-known game on the planet. It was made by a Japanese company and it has been played by over 300 million people around the world!

Best Games Like Genshin Impact 2023

You can play this game on your computer or phone, but it’s especially fun for a family gathering because there are three different versions: arcade mode, classic mode (where you have to win all its levels), and online mode where you compete against other players.

If you have access to wifi at home or work then this would be a great way to spend time with friends or loved ones without any distractions from other activities around your house such as cooking dinner or cleaning up after dinner party guests leave! It’s also great if you want something that doesn’t require any concentration. So instead of watching TV while playing video games like these two types mentioned above then why not play Genshin Impact instead?

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The Legend of Zelda (Breath of the Wild)

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Wii u

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you play as a young boy named Link who has just beenn orphaned. He moves to a small village where he meets an old man named Ghirahim. Who explains that there are evil creatures called Calamity Ganon that have destroyed your home and taken over Hyrule Castle?
The game takes place in various locations around Hyrule Castle including its courtyard, dungeons, dark halls, and forests. There are also plenty of monsters to fight, along with bosses like Ganon himself at the end of boss battles! In addition to exploration, there are side quests givenn by NPCs that will help unlock new abilities for Link. Like cooking food or crafting weapons and armor from materials found throughout each zone visited.

Tales of Arise

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, Microsoft Win, PS 4, and 5.

This is a useful solution for you if you have an Xbox and are unable to get Genshin Impact! One of the most well-known JRPG series in existence is the Tales series, and Tales of Arise doesn’t let fans down.

Among the most popular video games in the list of Genshin impacts similar games. Which is set in the region of Dahna. You are transportedd to a constantly shifting landscape filled with odd species, enormous plains, and long, meandering rivers. Genshin Impact won’t be turnedd off by the battle system either. Because it allows for the chaining of strong attacks to dispatch adversaries more quickly.

It is probably easier to understand the JRPG gameplay and recognizable anime storytelling in this game than in Genshin Impact. One of the top games like Genshin Impact available, Tales of Arise excels most with its captivating character relationships and lavish graphics.

Tower of Fantasy

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

The most recent title on our list is Tower of Fantasy. With a bright anime aesthetic, an intriguing cast of characters, and a gacha system in place for players who want to obtain the most potent weapons, this free-to-play MMORPG is very similar to Genshin Impact.

The ability to customize characters in Tower of Fantasy, however, sets it different from its counterpart. Players construct their own distinctive Wanderer while embarking on a new adventure in the huge world of Aida. As they explore the area and complete tasks, they will get access to powerful weapons and be able to use the prowess of legendary figures. Once unlocked, your Wanderer can be alteredd to resemble these heroes’ Simulacra characters because they have beenn saved in AI form.

Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy are very similar games that have different systems and a sci-fi theme applied. It’s a fascinating role-playing game with thrilling action-based combat, a sizable world to discover, and a tonne of quests to keep you occupied. Tower of Fantasy is an excellent substitute if you need to find something fresh to satisfy your Genshin itch.

Final Fantasy 14

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Just after the game’s initial launch, which was not very successful, Final Fantasy 14 was shut down and re-released as a 2.0 edition. Genshin Impact most certainly won’t get your total focus; instead, Final Fantasy 14 might. This has gradually moved up the position to turn into the best MMORPG at the present time, because of a constant flow of content. Many individuals contend that this game’s prosperity originates from the way that it inclines more towards the RPG side of things, and utilizes the multiplayer part to reinforce individual encounters.

Even though Final Fantasy 14’s art style differs greatly from that of Genshin Impact, a lot of it feels similar when you’re playing. The over-the-top concept and plot are still there. And the protagonist is given a sense of importance without making things seem overly straightforward.

Portal Knights

Platforms: Xbox 1, Pc, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Ps 4.

Portal Knights is a game that you can play on your PC or Mac. It has been developedd by the people at GeekyAnts and is publish by Valve Corporation. This game allows players to explore the islands of an unknown world, craft and build their own world, go on quests, and fight monsters. And use magic and weapons to defend themselves against enemies who threaten their existence as well as their way of life.

Alchemy Stars

Platforms: Android, iOS

The battle in Alchemy Stars as well as the game focuses on elements. Five characters known as Aurorians that each represent different elements are usedd by players in Alchemy Stars. In roll fights, players try to control their characters using similar colored bricks. The character gains strength as the tile path lengthens. Although it seems like a straightforward idea, it allows players a lot of room to think of techniques and ways to lengthen their path and get to their opponents.

Characters can teleport and alter the tile’s elements in accordance with their powers. In Alchemy Stars gives players have the option to construct a base that they may shape and customize in addition to engaging in combat. At first, they interact with each other and develop their personalities.

Kings Raid

Platforms: Android, iOS

Similar to Genshin Impact, King’s Raid is a free-to-play game that employs the Gacha system. Additionally, it includes a reliable levelling system that is simpler. King’s Raid’s characters are simple to obtain, but the game’s equipment more than makes up for it.

This game is a vast improvement over Genshin Impact in that it emphasizes PvP combat more. The battle system doesn’t give the player total mobility, yet it works well for the game. If you’ve always wanted to put together a Gacha team and fight other foes, you’ll like this one.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Platforms: Version Of Windows, Ps 4, Xbox One 1, and the Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a game that has similar gameplay to Genshin Impact, but with some key differences. You’ll be able to play as different characters and explore the world of Disney Castle, but there are also many other characters from previous games that you can also choose from. The graphics in this game are also very similar to those of Genshin Impact, which makes it easy for players who have played that game before!

NieR: Automata

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Ps 4, Xbox One 1, and Microsoft Windows are all supported.

NieR: Automata is an action role-playing game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. It was release worldwide in late 2017.

The game is set in the year 11945 AD in a post-apocalyptic future. Where Earth has been invaded by aliens called Machine Lifeforms and humans are forced to live underground as resistance fighters against them.
The story follows two characters, YoRHa No. 2 Type B, who are dispatched on a mission to find their missing partner YoRHa No. 9 Type S (Jean). As they go along their journey, they discover that there are many secrets about this world that have yet to be revealed…

Another Eden

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch

A side-scrolling JRPG is played in the free-to-play mobile title Another Eden. The game has an intricate plot with over 80 main chapters as of right now, and players advance via interacting with the many NPCs spread out across the environment. Given that this is one of the most narratively focusedd mobile games ever created. Genshin gamers who particularly like distinctive character moments will probably find a lot to enjoy here.

A new party member will join the game’s protagonist Aldo along his quest. And each character will earn experience and strength as more foes are beaten and the plot develops. The fighting system is carried out in a conventional turn-based JRPG fashion.

This is a list of games similar to Genshin Impact.
This is a list of games similar to Genshin Impact. The games should include links to the games, reviews of the games, and a link to their Steam store page.


These games are similar to Genshin Impact in terms of feel and gameplay. You can play them for free on your phone or tablet if you want a little taste of what the game is like before buying it!

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