Top 12 Minecraft House Design Ideas for 2022

Minecraft is a sandbox game that lets you build anything you want out of blocks. It has been around for many years, and there are many different types of houses in the game. These houses can be made from any material you want, but some of them stand out because they look unique or interesting.

The key to survival may lie in having a well-planned survival house. You need a house stocked with provisions and items that are organized nicely if you want to survive the zombie-infested night and other night monsters.

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Here are some ideas for how to design your own house in Minecraft:

Modern House

The modern house design is a great choice for Minecraft House Design 2022. These homes have a variety of materials, but usually include glass and metal as well as wood or concrete.

Modern houses are usually rectangular in shape with flat roofs and large windows that let in lots of light inside them. It conceals the readily available timber blocks used extensively in this Minecraft house built using regular and dark quartz bricks. That is not to suggest that the building looks terrible because of those logs. It only goes to show that with the proper preparation and positioning, anything can look good. Of course, the correct bricks are as well!


Treehouse to build a house in Minecraft

Treehouses are a great way to build a house in Minecraft. They’re also an excellent option for survival mode and creative mode, as well as role-play. You can build a treehouse anywhere—even in the middle of the ocean!

The best approach to making use of any enormous trees with expansive branches that are troublesome to chop down is with treehouses. The foundation for a player’s roof can be made of leaves that are found in nature. This will maintain players above ground and give them a 360-degree view of the forest’s surroundings.

Here are some tips for making your own treehouse:

  • Use wood planks instead of stone blocks. Stone blocks will fall apart too quickly when you’re trying to get around them with a door or ladder at night time. Wood planks last longer so you won’t have any problems with falling objects breaking apart while sleeping peacefully inside your house during those cold winter months!


Cottage building ideas Minecraft 2022

The cottage is the most traditional and well-known style of a charming house in Minecraft design. They resemble treehouses in that they are considerably more integrated into nature than other buildings, although they are frequently smaller and cosier. They frequently include a variety of woods. As well as organic building materials, campfires, and even bricks, a building material that is frequently not used at all.

Though occasionally they blend in so well with the surrounding woodlands that it can be challenging to discover them again once lost, make sure to indicate the building’s coordinates.

Japanese Temple

minecraft japanese building ideas

A Japanese temple is a common sight in Japan, and it’s one of the most popular Minecraft House Design ideas in 2022. Temples are usually built on a hill or mountain with wood and paper as the main materials. They have large roofs that curve upward at the top, and their towers are round instead of square like traditional houses.

Oak wood boards should be used to cover the rectangle. Put an outside ring of oak wood boards around the rectangle. Set up a perimeter made of oak wood slabs. Place complete blocks in place of the corners.

Minecraft Small Hut

small hut minecraft download
Small Hut Minecraft download
  • Use wood and stone
  • Use a bed.
  • Use a crafting table.
  • Use a furnace to make charcoal and torches. Which can be used for light in the hut or as weapons if you’re feeling aggressive!

Bring in some chests to store your stuff inside them (and maybe even some bows). A chest also makes it easy to access your inventory without taking off your armor or going out into the world just to get what you need.

Don’t forget about the doors! That way people can come in or leave through them when necessary—or if they’re feeling particularly friendly toward each other! There’s nothing worse than having someone walk right past you as though there wasn’t anything interesting happening within arm’s reach of their face…

Desert House Minecraft

minecraft desert house ideas

A desert house Minecraft design is a perfect idea for people who love nature but also need to be able to get out of their homes during the summer.

The desert house design can be applied to any type of home: from small houses in the woods to large homes on a hillside. It’s important that you choose your location carefully so that you don’t end up in an uncomfortable climate!

In this section, we’ll go over some basic ideas on how to build a desert home and why they’re such great places for living.

Minecraft Beach House

The player must locate a deep spot in the water and construct a temporary platform above or on top of it using a non-gravity block, such as soil. The player must then use a gravity block like sand to construct the outer shell of their base on the platform.

You could want something a little more appropriate for the area because your beginning point is near the coast. There are many options available, whether your concept of a beach house is a shabby hut perched on the water’s edge or a calm three-story palace with a pool.

The basic, simple-to-build cottage above is our favorite. Although it requires a lot of quartz bricks to build, it makes creative use of trap doors as embellishments. It features a little pool where you can dip your toes after a strenuous day of exploration.

If you want to create a beach house look, use sandstone and brick blocks. You can also make it look like a real beach house Minecraft design by using red carpeting on your floors and walls. Use glass blocks for windows and iron bars for the front door. For walls, use glass blocks instead of regular ones because they will give more light inside the room!

Medieval castle/keep

A medieval castle is a large, fortified building or set of buildings that are generally located on an elevated spot with one or more surrounding towers. It’s named for the Middle Ages when it was built by Minecraft House Design.

The term “castle” is also applied to structures in which the primary function is not a defense. But something else. For example, many castles are now used as tourist attractions and hotels. Others have been converted into museums or libraries. Some have been turned into prisons or hospitals. And still, others serve less conventional purposes such as those serving as jails or mental institutions (euphemistically called “halfway houses”)

Underground House

In Minecraft, how can you build underground houses?

  • Dimensions of the layout
  • Clean Up the Area.
  • Dig inside the outline six blocks down.
  • To exit, use a scaffold or another building block.
  • Put the glass in the gap.
  • Swap out the dirt outline for a log of spruce.
  • On top of the spruce log, construct spruce stairs and stone brick stairs.

There is a genuine approach to design builds that inspire astonishment in people who see them, despite the fact that most players want to develop towering buildings to do so. namely, to build enormous bases that reach the depths. Due to their low profile, these constructions also offer the benefit of conserving the majority of the landscape’s shape.

Although there are many different shapes and designs that can be tried, a glass roof is by far the greatest option. Players may then take in both the natural daytime lights and the night sky.

Underwater Modern House

With this Underwater Modern House by Random Steve Guy, you may merge with the ocean. You can see past the submerged house and far into the ocean floor thanks to walls surrounding all floors that are completely covered with glass-paned windows.

Building an underwater home isn’t that tough if you employ tools like sand blocks, lights, glass, and item enchantments that make life underwater simpler.

If you wish to acquire a beautiful view of the ocean waves on your house’s four corners, go to the top level if you wish to see the outdoors. Imagine sleeping here at night without being able to see an island. I’d guess that only the bravest among us would be brave enough for this build. Shudders!

Mud and straw cottage/village

A mud and straw cottage is an amazing building that you can build in Minecraft! This building has many uses and can be used to create a small village or even just decorate your home. The following steps will help you to build this amazing cottage:

  • Start off by digging up dirt with your shovel, then place it into the crafting table.
  • Then take some cobblestones. Place 4 pieces on top of each other until they form one large block of cobblestone.
  • Make sure that each piece has at least one slope towards one side so that water flows down into them better later on when we start adding sandbags around here later on
  • We’ll also need some redstone dust for our fence but since we don’t have any yet let’s just skip ahead now back over here where we’re going next up again where we’re gonna talk about how I built my mudhouse first so let me show you what happened before moving onto this part right now okay?

Minecraft Tower/structure

Minecraft tower/structure is a type of building. It is an architectural structure that is a vertical extension of a larger horizontal structure, or it could also be used to describe any tall and vertical structure. The term “staircase” can also be used interchangeably with “tower.”

The most common example of this kind of architecture would be the Tower Bridge in London, England, which was built between 1894 and 1899 by Sir John Wolfe Barry as part of his master plan for development around London’s financial district (the City).

Top Minecraft House Design Ideas for 2022
  • Modern House
  • Treehouse
  • Japanese temple
  • Small hut or cabin
  • Desert house with a well-illuminated interior and an open the door to the outside world. It may also have a pool or hot tub attached to it (though this is not always necessary). Be on the lookout for a lava biome, which can make building difficult but will add some flair to your house design! If you’re looking for something more extreme than other Minecraft structures, consider building a castle/keep it out of mud or straw (or both!) so that it looks like something straight out of medieval times.


And that’s our list of the top Minecraft House Design Ideas for 2022—if you’re looking for inspiration, we hope this has given you some ideas!

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