Top 20 Multiplayer Survival Games on Pc: The Ultimate List

The modern market is booming with survival games. We should always spend our time and money on good survival games. Yes, surviving by yourself is entertaining. But the game improves significantly when additional people join in, either as your allies or enemies.

However, there are so many different survival games available that it might be difficult to decide which one to play directly. We can help with that! There are many various ways to rank survival games; we’ve selected a few that we think you should look out for when they arrive. Hopefully later this year, along with a decent selection of titles that are currently on the market.

We’ll be bringing to light some of the top survival games available right now in this list.

The Forest

You are the sole survivor of a plane crash and are now on an island populated by mutant cannibals. As you advance in this survival (horror) game, you can cut down trees, build houses, and go on additional hunts. Because of its killer AI system, The Forest is a rather well-known game. In this game, players’ plane crashes onto an island when they are traveling with their son. Players walk out into the dense forest area with their son missing and it appears. There are no survivors among the wreckage only to be met by an odd deformed tribal group.

You patiently wait for the next surprise because of the way these game forces you to explore the landscape and the tunnels. The game’s multiplayer function adds to the excitement of survival. The Forest does not support multiplayer across platforms.

7 Days To Die

Waves of the undead are the focus of the video game 7 Days to Die. Players can cooperate in this game as they journey outdoors in search of materials and equipment to bolster their base. In order to do enough damage to the undead or fend off their attempts to topple your base. Players can construct defenses, traps, and other essential tools. The game’s weekly cycle is implied by its name, with players having six days to get ready for a large wave of zombies to arrive on the seventh day. Players now have plenty of time to strengthen or maintain their base.

In the game, players can team up and try to withstand the waves. Which might aid in building up your castle a little more.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Multiplayer Survival Game

One of the best multiplayer survival games is without a doubt Dying Light 2. A competitive horror game in which one player is the killer and the other four must flee. With more than 50,000 players every day, Dead by Daylight has grown to be one of the most popular survival multiplayer games on Steam.

You have an adrenaline-filled experience because of the dynamic maps, perplexing gameplay, and gory graphics. Either work together to find the killer or have doubts about everyone and turn on them. Do everything it takes to stay alive.

Before purchasing this game, make sure your buddies are using the same platform because there is no cross-play ability.

Back 4 Blood

The challenge of the game gradually increases as you advance through the levels. Cross-play is also available in the cooperative 4-player game. In order to have a fast-paced FPS horror adventure, you and your pals can play on any platform while avoiding hordes upon hordes of zombies.

Zombie-filled survival horror games in which you hunt for resources, explore the map and kill zombies. To complete each level, you must keep moving forward past swarms of zombies and arrive at a safe location.


Another pacific survival game is Raft, which, emphasizes water surface survival, in contrast to Subnautica. In this game, players are immersed in a universe that is overflowing with an ocean that seems to go on forever and several tiny islands. To stay alive, players are compelled to gather materials and make their own equipment.

You begin the game by being abandoned on a wooden raft with materials drifting in the sea. Your task is to gather materials, build a better raft, navigate the ocean, and finish the story arc. Even though the game is not cross-platform, you can play it with your friends who own it in multiplayer co-op mode.

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Multiplayer Survival Game

Conan the Barbarian himself rescues you from certain death at the game’s very outset. After recovering your freedom, you create a personalized character and go out to become someone of significance in a harsh open-world sandbox.

When you team up with other players, you’ll be involved in a variety of activities like base construction and defense, brutal combat, animal capture, etc. When combined with the fictional setting of the game’s Exiled Lands, the survival mechanics in Conan Exiles make perfect sense. Don’t forget to detour to the Frozen North for an additional frigid challenge.


GTFO Multiplayer Survival Game

A little different from other survival games is GTFO. Players in this first-person shooter horror game assume the roles of a four-person squad charged with venturing far below ground in pursuit of priceless relics hidden inside an underground complex. However, you can’t just enter the area without a strategy because hazardous mutant monsters will swarm toward the players.

It’s all about maintaining composure as you quietly examine the complex, take the objects and resources, and leave the area. If these animals awaken. It will be a struggle to heal each other when they are really hurt or fight back.

Since this game is currently in early access, there are two conditions and infection levels that appear after the game. We’ll need to keep a watch on the development process.


DayZ is another survival game that puts your mettle to the test as you fight to hang on during a zombie apocalypse. In addition to defending yourself from the infected, you also need to avoid sketchy survivors. Although the majority of the player base is made up of people who want to kill you and grab all of your resources. There are also reliable gamers who can assist you in surviving a little bit longer than usual.

 If you want to survive in DayZ’s dangerous environment, gather your supplies, construct a house for yourself, and stave off crippling illnesses. As you try to bring down other players in the open world, you can cooperate with buddies. Additionally, there’s always a potential that you’ll run into another player who is either exploring alone or in a small group. Which will allow you to join them and carry on with your raiding or resource-hunting.

The Wild Eight

Most people would give a flat-out negative response if you asked them if they would be willing to live in Alaska. However, we’re confident that those same people would be much more willing to brave Alaska’s bitter cold in a computer game. One of them is The Wild Eight. Following a mystery plane disaster, up to eight players will have to go on a perilous journey. Since blizzards and animals can kill you in an instant, you’ll need all the assistance you can get.

The Wild Eight’s compelling story and well-balanced gameplay make it well worth the admission fee. This game does allow an eight-player cooperative mode. Where a party of players can explore the generated terrain in search of beneficial things or battle any hostile animals that may wander nearby.


Astroneer is a fairly plain survival Multiplayer Survival Games that might appeal to you more as an exploration-focused game. In this game, players assume the roles of astronauts who are exploring various reaches of space. From there, using a tool that can help shape, build, and dig up the planet, users may begin to construct their own bases and modify the terrain to their satisfaction. In this game, the major objectives are planet exploration, base construction, creating new vehicles, and connecting your creations.

The risks of running out of oxygen, but after you figure out oxygen, it’s a very entertaining exploration game. Recommending it to a friend who may not be as familiar with the genre may be wise.

No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell requires you to protect yourself from the shambling (and perpetually hungry) undead threat as one of eight survivors.

Because it’s more difficult to find guns and ammunition for this task. Battles with waves of zombies might be nerve-wracking and difficult if you’re unprepared. Remember that your pals will have a harder time hearing you over their headsets the further you are from them. In No More Room in Hell, you must protect your refuge, take out the zombie opponents, and hang on long enough for everyone to be rescued from their terrifying situation.

Dark and Light

A little bit of a supernatural Multiplayer Survival Games is Dark and Light. In this game, players take on the role of an adventurer exploring a fantastical realm filled with magical creatures and mysteries to discover. Players will need to put in a lot of effort manufacturing, building, wielding weapons, and learning potent spells, though, in order to survive.

 It’s a game that has been in early access for a while, and opinions on it have been divided. However, because it’s in early access, the developers can make changes to the game to win over players.


Minecraft, one of the first Multiplayer Survival Games, has never taken its place in the forefront. The game has the fewest PC system requirements while showcasing blocky 3D graphics. With the use of its special blocks, like Redstone, you may construct anything you wish.

One of the most popular video games in the world is called Minecraft, and its main features are crafting and peaceful construction. However, for gamers willing to push their limits to the very limit, its multiplayer survivor mode offers a more rewarding challenge. To ensure your survival for as long as possible, you and your blocky friends must eat well, construct homes, and create battle-ready equipment. As you progress through the addicting survival mode of Minecraft, get ready to face off against enemies such as zombies, spiders, the deadly Enderman, and more.

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Second Extinction

The planet is now owned by the dinosaurs. What makes this situation even worse is that those enormous beasts have transformed into something even more evil. The main goal of Second Extinction is to work as a team with two other allies to retake their home planet. And the only way to achieve that goal is to destroy those dinosaur hordes using a vast arsenal of weapons. It’s time to take sides in the conflict against the planet’s new ruling elite and give humanity the upper hand.


Another early access Multiplayer Survival Games on our list is Grounded, but its creator, Obsidian Entertainment, is well-known. These are the same individuals that, to mention a few of their earlier creations, gave us Fallout New Vegas, The Outer Worlds, and Pillars of Eternity. In any event, Grounded is a game. Where players are shrunk down to the size of an ant and changed into small toddlers. Players must battle various rodents and bugs to live when stranded outside. However, it seems that something far more sinister is at play as players advance in their exploration and survival.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved was an instant smash when it first came out on the market in 2017. We are aware that a sequel is being create, and Vin Diesel, who plays the role of Vin Diesel, is working as an executive producer. However, the first game had players controlling a protagonist who has washed up on an island’s coast.

Players must fill up their inventory as rapidly as they can by acquiring as many resources. As they can in order to survive other players and hostile monsters like dinosaurs. It’s a very difficult Multiplayer Survival Games to survive in. In addition to having to worry about things like food, water, stamina, health, and so forth. There is a lot of emphasis on simply growing as a person. The game allows users to create tribes, work together to build a settlement, grow crops, tame dinosaurs, and raid other players for vital equipment.

This War Of Mine

Dark yet stressful survival management games are a specialty of 11-bit Studios. You are responsible for taking care of a tiny number of survivors. Who is confined inside a surrounding city in This War of Mine, which takes place during a fictional war. During the day, survivors must remain inside. Which is when you run your hiding place, choosing how to use your limited, precious resources. There are a lot of expectations, yet there aren’t many issues that can be resolved at once. You can send a survivor out into the night when the sun goes down to scavenge for resources in the destroyed city.

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There are horrible things happening. Your survivor had to conduct crimes to obtain the food and medicine that their comrades needed, returning to the base with psychological wounds. This War of Mine does not extol the virtues of fighting or enduring conflict. Instead, it presents players with gruesome tales and makes them consider their survivalists.


A group of prisoners is made to fight one another on an island for amusement in the television drama Scum. This video game is mostly a battle royale where the game is won by the last person stand. That being said, there is a strong emphasis on surviving away from the battlefield. Players will need to monitor the levels of their character stats. As well as specific factors like nutrition and metabolic rate. The game is currently in early access, so some of the video game aspects could change as the remainder of the development process progresses.


The battle royale shooter that ruled Twitch prior to Fortnite’s arrival is still active today. New maps, gameplay adjustments, and incentives have been addedd to PUBG as a result of the game’s additional DLC seasons. The core of PUBG involves dropping 100 players in a sizable area. Where they engage in combat until there is only one survivor remaining. The most crucial routes to win in PUBG involve relying on your wits, acquired supplies, and accurate aim. You won’t get to rely on setting up fortifications to prevent incoming shots here.

State of Decay 2

In some ways, State of Decay 2 is similar to 7 Days to Die. By once again going out and obtaining resources, players are creating a community and keeping it secure. Players can govern and improve their community as they continue to gather resources. Look for other survivors, and engage in combat with the undead that is spread out across the open globe.

It has gained popularity as a Microsoft exclusive. Despite the fact that this game has been around since 2018, we are aware of its third installment. Which we’ll discuss in more detail in the second half of our list. As you might expect, co-op allows players to cooperate while scavenging for treasure and defeating foes.

What are Multiplayer survival games?

The main focus is on creating a foundation. It has much less to do with exploration, conflict, or even dealing with elements of Multiplayer Survival Games is “survival” like thirst and hunger. For me, the goal of survival games is to establish a fantastic foundation in a perilous environment.

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