Top 6 Dragon Age Games to Play in 2022

We absolutely love the Dragon Age games franchise and can’t wait for the upcoming edition. But which Dragon Age video games are the best? Time to investigate. I’ve completed all of these games, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. But if you haven’t tried them all yet, you should definitely do so. 

With Dragon Age, BioWare created a fantastic fantasy role-playing game series and created realms that we would be eager to explore and learn as much as we could about.

Real-time fighting is something I personally love in my RPGs, so this is much more my style. Another interesting feature is the ability to swap between third-person and isometric views. Players received exactly what they wanted by creating a gaming experience that was both fresh and recognizable. 

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The following are the top Dragon Age video games of 2022.

Dragon Age: Origins Awakening

Dragon Age: Origins is the first on our list. This is a peculiar one because, despite the fact that it is a sequel to the first Dragon Age game, it functions almost entirely independently.

It even had a physical disc release and has a different plot set six months after the events of Origins.

The Ferelden Grey Wardens must now begin to rebuild. Your main character from Origins or a brand-new Grey Warden from Orlais can serve as your protagonist. In an effort to strengthen Ferelden’s defenses against the upcoming blight, you take control of Vigil’s Keep, a former Grey Warden fortress that has deteriorated over time.

Only one issue exists. After a Blight, darkspawn have always made their way back to their deep lairs, but now they are under the direction of a race of intelligent darkspawn.

Mechanically speaking, not much has changed from Origins. The same engine, with the same graphic capabilities, is used in Awakening. Although there are some new adversaries to face and new class specialties to enhance your skills, combat and interpersonal interactions are mostly unchanged.

Heroes Of Dragon Age

Although the Dragon Age series’s publisher, Electronic Arts, has produced a few spin-off games, Heroes of DragonAge caught fans’ attention. Heroes Of Dragon Age is a free-to-play mobile game that examines alternate possibilities within several Dragon Age plotlines that we are already familiar with.

The game’s auto-combat system is based on strategy, and players must carefully choose their team before each battle before letting the AI handle the action. It’s almost as if you play the commander instead of the soldier. You pick your warriors, send them into battle, and pray for success!

It takes a totally different tack from the series’ well-known gameplay. It might be challenging for the mobile gaming industry to provide truly worthwhile content. Giving mobile users a compelling reason to keep playing while providing straightforward, thoughtless gameplay is the ultimate goal.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

 Dragon Age: Inquisition is the furthest down-the-line title to emerge from the series, and it is superb. It has a significant number of the very components that made the primary game perfect, yet with the addition of a bigger cast of characters, storylines, and open-world gameplay.

Not at all like the initial two games, Inquisition centers in around the cover between universes. Animals are spilling through the blur from a monster break between real factors. You play as the main overcomer of the first break, and you are proclaimed as a prophet of Andraste.

 You are likewise the main individual in your presence who can close these breaks and stop the assault of evil spirits. Like in the other Dragon Age games, what makes Inquisition incredible is the cast of characters you play with. You have Solas, Iron Bull, Varric, and a lot more that offer special origin stories that open extra decisions and interactivity.

Dragon Age Tabletop RPG

 Dungeons and Dragons in Thedas is what the Dragon Age Tabletop RPG is. All the races, classes, and nations of the Dragon Age universe are described in this booklet. So there’s no need to create your own original material!

The benefit of this game is that you can immerse yourself in your preferred fantasy series. There’s no reason why you couldn’t create your own adventures, just like so many players do for Dungeons and Dragons. It comes with a pre-made adventure to follow and get your party going.

Dragon Age 2

In comparison to the original game, Dragon Age 2 was a little disappointing to me. The characters were fantastic and it shared many of the same features. But it lacked the grand scale that Dragon Age: Inquisition and Origins did. The only true advantage, in my opinion, of playing it first is that you’ll get to know Varric a little better.

Taking criticism from players of “Beginnings”, BioWare zeroed in on upgrades to the gameplay mechanics and visual tastefulness of the game. And keeping in mind that the game was by and large appreciated. And was a decent continuation from the first. It was difficult for players to neglect the reuse of components and rushed conveyance of Dragon Age II.

What is as yet present is inconceivable story composing, marvelous personal cooperation, incredible music, and gameplay that we love.

Dragon Age: Origins (2009)

You might be surprised to learn that the series’ initial Dragon Age game is still one of the greatest, This 2009 release was a fantastic continuation of BioWare’s earlier games Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, and provided us everything we love in an RPG.

The game is a visual and auditory feast to be savored with around 150 voice actors and award-winning composer Inon Zur contributing to it.

The games flawless narrating, matched with extraordinary battle mechanics all make for an ideal gameplay insight and are set in a world that you will be glad to go through a long time in. It is nothing unexpected to us that it took a spot as one of the most outstanding PS3 RPG games.

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