Top Cricket Games For Android 2022: Best and Fun Way to Play Cricket!

Cricket games are great for entertainment and can be a fun way to pass the time. Nonetheless, they can also be utilized for business purposes. Whether you’re looking to increase or simply improve your skills, cricket games are a great option! Here are some of the best cricket games for Android that will give you everything you need!

Cricket Games for Android are the Best Way to Play Cricket.

To play cricket games for Android, you will first need to download and install the required software. This software can be found on most Android devices. Once the software is installed, open it and sign in to your account. Then, download and install the cricket game of your choice. The best cricket games for Android are usually those that include a captain and team challenge mode as well as real-time matches between teams.

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Get a Good Start in Cricket Games for Android

There are a few things you can do to get started with cricket games for Android:

First, choose a good cricket game that you enjoy. Once you have made the decision to try out some of the best cricket games for Android, make sure to improve your skills by playing against others or challenging yourself with leaderboards and achievements.

Second, find helpful tutorials and articles that will help you learn more about how to play cricket games on Android. These articles may also provide tips on how to improve your batting or bowling skills.

Third, join discussion forums or chat rooms related to cricket games for Android so that you can share advice and experience with other users. This way, you can quickly learn from those who have been playing this type of sport for years!

Fourth, consider subscribing to online channels that offer exclusive content about cricket games for Android, including live streaming services and commentary options. This way, you’ll be able to follow along with live matches as they happen—enjoying every moment!

Real cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 is another of India’s favorite cricket games. The graphics in this game are its strongest point. You should absolutely check out this game if you think WCC games are often unrealistic and have sticky characters. The graphics in this game are fantastic. The game is 570 M.B in size and is free to download.

With real-time multiplayer games, 20 promises to provide an authentic cricket experience. You can play 1v1, 2v2, and co-op, or you can watch your friends’ live matches. You can choose from four different batting styles in Real Cricket 20: defensive, balanced, radical, and aggressive. Each style has its own special batting shots. You can participate in a range of well-known competitions, as well as in a brand-new auction mode where you can place bids on your favourite players to assemble the squad of your dreams. Use BlueStacks to enjoy Real Cricket 20 on your PC while playing with your gaming friends.

Real Cricket 20 has lifted the bar for all cricket video games going forward by providing the best simulation experience and, as the cherry on top, perfectly timed commentary.


World Cricket Battle 2

Real-time multiplayer batting, T20 cricket leagues, and My Career mode are included in World Cricket Battle 2. The game features T20 Cricket Premier League auctions where you can buy a franchise and run a club, similar to Real Cricket 20. The Duckworth-Lewis method will be used to determine the winner in World Cricket Battle 2 if a match is delayed by rain. The game also has dynamic weather.


Stick Cricket Live 2020

Stick Cricket Live is a terrific option if you’re looking for the greatest cricket game for several players. It is an online multiplayer game where you are paired up with other players and must defeat your opponent in a real-time 1v1 cricket battle.

In addition, you may access 3D stadiums from around the globe. To further bolster your roster, you can unlock new bats and big players with kitbags. Three intriguing video games are part of the Stick Cricket series: Stick Cricket, Stick Cricket 2, and Stick Cricket Premier League. The three games described above primarily center around teams, but Stick Cricket Super League centers around a player that users build. Users can play in several competitions after joining a team.

If players don’t have much time to finish the matches, they have the option of fast tracking the game. During the hiring season, users must bargain with the other recruits. The game also has several more fascinating features that make it a must-have for Android users.

The fact that you may compete with your Facebook pals is the coolest part. For fans of cricket, it is one of the best and most enjoyable games to play.


Big Bash Cricket

The Big Bash League is regarded by many as the most unusual cricket league in the world. The idea of LED bails was first introduced by Cricket Australia. Additionally, the stadiums’ atmosphere is very different from that of previous cricket matches.

Big Bash League has gained a lot of admirers thanks to its creativity. The official Big Bash League has also captured the hearts of cricket enthusiasts. The Google Play Store offers a 59 MB download for this game for Android users with version 4.1 and higher.

There are some in-app purchases in the game. The fans would still enjoy the free version, though. Fans of cricket can enjoy playing the BBL and WBBL on their Android phones.


Cricket Captain 2018

The only paid cricket game on the list is Cricket Captain. One of the top Android management simulation games is cricket. It enables you to select from any domestic league in significant cricketing nations.

Cricket fans can choose a nation from the list to begin their careers in this real-time strategy game. You can assemble your club by hiring players and controlling their contracts. Additionally, it offers a variety of teaching choices, including the opener, bowler, and fielding training. Its player database numbers are over 6500.

Although it has a few updated versions, such as Cricket Captain 2019 and Cricket Captain 2020, they lack the experience of Cricket Captain 2018. Overall, Cricket Captain 2018 is a good investment.


Cricket Games for Android Are the Best Way to Train Your Brain.

Playing cricket games can help you improve your focus, memory, and decision-making skills. By playing these games in a casual setting, you can increase your ability to think logically and make quick decisions. In addition, cricket games for Android can also help you develop problem-solving abilities. Playing these games can help you come up with solutions to difficult problems and improve your problem-solving skills.

Learn More About Cricket Games for Android

Looking to get started playing cricket? Check out our listings of the best cricket games for Android! These games will give you a good foundation on how to play the sport and learn new concepts. Additionally, some of the best cricket games for Android are designed for beginners so that you don’t have to experience any difficulty starting off.

Cricket Games for Android Can Help You in Your Sports Life.

Cricket is a sport that can help you improve your skills and have a lot of fun. There are many great cricket games for Android that can help you experience the game in a more fun way. Some of the best cricket games for Android include Cricket For All Seasons, Cricket Pro, Cricket 2016, and Cricket World Cup 2015.

There are many activities that can be enjoyed while playing cricket games on Android. Some of these activities include batting, bowling, fielding, and trying to win matches against other players online or in real life. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or just have some fun, there’s a cricket game for Android out there that will fit your needs!


Cricket games for Android can help you improve your skills in various ways. By getting a good start in the game, you can eventually become a better player. Additionally, cricket games for Android can help you train your brain and experience other sports activities. In conclusion, cricket games for Android are an excellent way to spend some time and achieve various goals.

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